Ping 87: Paramount on Windows Phone, H264 & Firefox, P Diddy, neosaurs, Microsoft is cool!

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    Merry Christmass to you to! Enjoy these christmass balls!

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    Just checked the "School of Rock" app from Paramount.  To answer your question, it doesn't stream.  You need to download the content, both movie and add-ons.


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    I would say Microsoft is way cooler than Apple which many people define as a cool company. Just compare the UI on the iPhone and Winmo7; the iPhone is only grey, while the Winmo7 got many different colors. Same with Windows vs. OSX.

    Annyways, happy x-mas and a happy new year!

    And Laura, how do you spell dugzywugzy? xD

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    Hi there,

    About the Zoolander thingy...I was sooooo expecting you guys to make a Highlander reference Tongue Out

    About the "Is Microsoft cool?" thing, don't play down the role of Channel 9 and Ping. You guys are a part of the reason why I'm converted into a MS fan, so kudos to you guys, keep up the good work.

    BTW, I started playing that dino game as well Tongue Out

    Merry Xmas everyone ^^


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    Another good show, but hey I wasn't dissin' Tigan it's just not the kind of dog you look like you would have. I won't mess with a dog that can rip my face off!, but I might have to lie down for it so it can get to my face easier and save those hips Tongue Out

    This is something the 9'ers might find worth wathcing, some of our good British humour making fun of technology:

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    I wish that Microsoft Tag had an SDK or webservice for reading tags so that it could be integrated into other applications. I looked at adding it to the PhraseMeme Scanner application that I built for Windows Phone 7, but there are only APIs for creating new tags or managing categories, not reading existing tags. An SDK for reading tags is currently the top feature request at but it doesn't look like it is going to be added anytime soon Sad


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    I'm missing Ping show, it almost a month since we received any updates!  What's going on?

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    @ranjithsnair: we just filmed Episode 88... it is being edited now... and it will air on Monday.  Glad you missed us!

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    El Pibe

    Missing my weekly dose of Ping.

    Do I have to pull a Linsay Lohan in order to get Ping? I am willing Wink

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