Ping 89: OneNote on iPhone, Kinect Helicopter & Operation, Speller Contest, Atlanta

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Laura took some time off this week and left the show in the hands of Adam & Paul. These are some of the stories that the boys found to share with you:

OneNote comes to the iPhone
Kinect Helicopter
Kinect Operation
Speller Contest

Adam & Paul's project: Microsoft Codename "Atlanta"

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The Discussion

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    Bashar Kokash

    I started to think that you will start a separate show "Boys with out Foys"

  • User profile image

    This show needs more bleach blonde hair.

  • User profile image

    Welcome back Adam, but now we need to even it out and have a show with Laura and Tina.

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    I love the iPhone app . . . thank you.  Hopefully, full iPad support will follow soon since that is the device I actually have . . . still even the iPhone app on iPad is a nice addition to letting me see my SkyDrive OneNote on the device . . .

    I know there is some bad blood here, but Android linkage would also be very nice . . . just close your eyes, take a deep breathe and let all that corporate competition stuff go . . . let us see OneNote on the Droid too . . . please?


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    Dino Lujetic

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    I like Dan Escapa, he is 'brave' to admit using iPhone in microsoft community. Cudos to you dude. And about the topic OneNote is like, Evernote or I am wrong?

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    informational stories in  enjoyable fashion, Nice

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