Ping 92: Cut & Paste on Windows Phone, Kinect rocks, Team Coco, Halo reach wins

Play Ping 92: Cut & Paste on Windows Phone, Kinect rocks, Team Coco, Halo reach wins

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    All, cut & paste is not hot news but news that has been shown as hot news for nearly 3 months now. We would prefer it to be released ASAP.

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    @joseph: Cut-n-Paste will arrive in early March which isn't long off thankfully.

    Good to see Halo Reach picking up some awards, though still no C9 vs Viewers game :/

    Forget Team Coco, get more Laura on our Xbox's and everyone will be happy Smiley

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    I understand that some people love Copy/Paste, but in the year-plus that I've had my Motorola Droid (Verizon needs WP7, dammit), I've used C/P twice.

    That's it.

    I understand the want for the feature, but in all honesty it's not a particularly vital thing. 

    As for Conan not being on Xbox LIVE... as a viewer of his show and a victim of Service Electric Internet (who caps me at a miserable 1Mbps, those swine), I can't say I hate the decision. It's hard enough to get through an episode of Inside Xbox without it buffering a dozen times.

    Of course that probably doesn't affect most other people on XBL, but meh. The world revolves around me, as far as I care. Tongue Out  

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    Alex Dresko

    I find Ping to be so much more rewarding than real work in the middle of the day, especially when I get called out by name. Mom will be proud.

    For your efforts, I cheer for you...

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    Hey, are those Microsoft coffee cups? They look empty.

    We should have a game: every episode, spot that product placement.

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    El Pibe

    nice episode and glad to hear about Copy & Paste.

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    Wait, what?! I can watch 'hot apps' on my XBox? How do I set this up? Where can i find it? Thanks in advance!

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    Hey guys! Loved this one!


    As you may know, arch-nemesis Sony has been stiring up some heavy drama on the net

    that has spread from Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to uhm.. any technews site? Anyways.


    Geohot, who is a Hacker, or a 'curious' guy is being sued for making the first 'Jailbreak' for PS3. What are your thoughts of this matter? Do you think Microsoft would go to these extremes one day? Is Sony doing the good or the bad thing? Keep us posted on your thoughts!


    In my opinion, Sony, well at least the Playstation team are complete fools. 360 ftw, rite?



    EDIT: I just wanted to add that I loved how Microsoft dealt with the Jailbreakers for WP7. THAT is how you do it. MS, you're the best for a reason! 

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    Great episode!

    Really loving this, and other, shows on ch9!

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    Kamallraj Asoka

    Hey ! is that a " I LOVE WINDOWS PHONE " sticker on your laptop? If so can you tell me where can i get it?

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    "Microsoft may have played a huge part in GeoHot getting the fees he needed to defend himself against Sony in court."


    Wow. *Stunned* *Slayed* I'm at loss of words.


    You guys just make me love you more and more for every day that goes.


    I'm not sure if you read my post and it affected your decisions in any way, but I don't care! It's probably something about you inviting him to the WP7 Jailbreaking whatevs but still, let sony die in their agony. I'm gonna laugh so hard when Geohot VANQUISHES them in court!


    MICROSOFT FTW!!!!! <333

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