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Ping 93: Kinect plays with Windows Phone, Gamertags revived, Live Mesh, HTML5 Contest

17 minutes, 4 seconds


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Laura & Paul are back in action and ready to bring you all the news that Microsofties are talking about. Hot stories this week include:

Kinect plays with your Windows Phone
Gamertags brought back to life
Live Mesh hits big numbers
Dev Unplugged


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  • Alex's mom (really)Alex's mom (really)

    Wow, I was not aware Alex was a crossdresser.  News to me.  He really is cute.

  • I love the potential in playing with your xbox/kinnect with your WP7! I also think this will be useful for strategy games. One example is those American football games. When selecting your play, your opponent can seek a peek on the type of play you might bring at him or her.  I can also see other use beyond playing video games. I was at Subway the other day, and they had one of those QR tags on a flat screen over the register. If you slap a xbox and a kinect to that monitor, the business may be able to make the dining or shopping experience more interactive. I am really excited. Ever since they’ve announced they will be releasing a Kinect SDK for windows, I’ve been brushing up on my XNA development.  

  • Alex DreskoAlex Dresko I'm not a player, I just code a lot.

    You're supposed to call "first", mom.  You're such a nub...

  • Greg Braygbrayut Check out PhraseMeme Scanner for Windows Phone at ​PhraseMeme.​com

    Breaking news! @PaulMest Loves pokedot bikini and Windows Phone http://j.mp/fDLrdl

    Tongue Out

  • Instead of throwing all those Channel 9 guys, how about sending me one :,(

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    Wrong Paul, one peta byte is 1024 GB, not 1000 Wink

    Awesome episode!

    - Martin

  • Watched my first Ping episode on Windows Phone 7 (Using Channel9 unplugged app)

    Makes it so much easier to watch/listen and keep on working Wink.

    Unfortunatly its an Omnia 7, so not had any updates yet.


    P.s. Laura, when is Hot Apps going to do a twitter special Wink

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    I'm sorry to say Laura and Paul but I am unable to find HotApps on my Xbox Dashboard. Might it be another internationalisation thing going on? I'm getting pretty annoide by those.

    But thanks for the shoutout and directions!


    Welcome back guys!

    The Kinect + WP7 integration does look pretty neat and can't wait to see what they do with it.

    @CKurt I think it's US only sadly.

  • @IRB: hmmm, It should be intenational. I'll double check with the Xbox team. Stay tuned.


  • RossRoss

    Cross dressing is great, I can't wait for the App

  • Nice episode. Smiley

    P. Douglas

  • Paul, you are getting closer on pronouncing my name right. Practice makes perfection.

    I actually sent Steve Balmer a question for the MVP Summit:

    "Now seriously, as much as I love SQL Server: How do I become a Kinect MVP?"

    They didn't choose my question for the keynote Q&A, though. Wonder why,



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