Ping 93: Kinect plays with Windows Phone, Gamertags revived, Live Mesh, HTML5 Contest

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Laura & Paul are back in action and ready to bring you all the news that Microsofties are talking about. Hot stories this week include:

Kinect plays with your Windows Phone
Gamertags brought back to life
Live Mesh hits big numbers
Dev Unplugged



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The Discussion

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    Alex's mom (really)

    Wow, I was not aware Alex was a crossdresser.  News to me.  He really is cute.

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    I love the potential in playing with your xbox/kinnect with your WP7! I also think this will be useful for strategy games. One example is those American football games. When selecting your play, your opponent can seek a peek on the type of play you might bring at him or her.  I can also see other use beyond playing video games. I was at Subway the other day, and they had one of those QR tags on a flat screen over the register. If you slap a xbox and a kinect to that monitor, the business may be able to make the dining or shopping experience more interactive. I am really excited. Ever since they’ve announced they will be releasing a Kinect SDK for windows, I’ve been brushing up on my XNA development.  

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    Alex Dresko

    You're supposed to call "first", mom.  You're such a nub...

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    Breaking news! @PaulMest Loves pokedot bikini and Windows Phone

    Tongue Out

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    Instead of throwing all those Channel 9 guys, how about sending me one :,(

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    Wrong Paul, one peta byte is 1024 GB, not 1000 Wink

    Awesome episode!

    - Martin

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    Watched my first Ping episode on Windows Phone 7 (Using Channel9 unplugged app)

    Makes it so much easier to watch/listen and keep on working Wink.

    Unfortunatly its an Omnia 7, so not had any updates yet.


    P.s. Laura, when is Hot Apps going to do a twitter special Wink

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    I'm sorry to say Laura and Paul but I am unable to find HotApps on my Xbox Dashboard. Might it be another internationalisation thing going on? I'm getting pretty annoide by those.

    But thanks for the shoutout and directions!

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    Welcome back guys!

    The Kinect + WP7 integration does look pretty neat and can't wait to see what they do with it.

    @CKurt I think it's US only sadly.

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    @IRB: hmmm, It should be intenational. I'll double check with the Xbox team. Stay tuned.


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    Cross dressing is great, I can't wait for the App

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    Nice episode. Smiley

    P. Douglas

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    Paul, you are getting closer on pronouncing my name right. Practice makes perfection.

    I actually sent Steve Balmer a question for the MVP Summit:

    "Now seriously, as much as I love SQL Server: How do I become a Kinect MVP?"

    They didn't choose my question for the keynote Q&A, though. Wonder why,



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