Ping 94: Charlie Sheen & Microsoft, Killing IE6, Outlook tone checker, Fan Love for WP7

Play Ping 94: Charlie Sheen & Microsoft, Killing IE6, Outlook tone checker, Fan Love for WP7

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    Charlie Sheen on Ping! Who would have thunk it! By the sounds of it though, he could be doing with some of that Tone Check love.

    I like how Paul seemed very keen to jump in on the IE6 story with all the tech speak, just reminding us you are a techie?

    And loving those WP7 fan vids, I noticed them last week when the WP7 folks tweeted about then, they are FANtastic Smiley

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    Samaj Shekhar

    #Wow thanks for comming up so quickly with new Episode... last time you kept us waiting for long..

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    You guys are just fantastic! Really, very funny show this week! Thanks for the shoutout again, and I do hope you get some clarification from the Xbox team about HotApps. Still watching on Channel 9 now but the large screen TV would be so much better.

    Also Internet Explorer 8 has been freely downloadable without a 'genuin' check even for pirated versions of Windows. So please everybody, go and download it! Or better yet IE9 that got released today!

    Tone Check should be implemented in forums like this one! Troll checking and tone checking Tongue Out I wonder if Laura would have got a response saying "You are to friendly, are you trying to ask him out ?" Ha!

    PS: My mom does not understand English well, so she won't watch Sad


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    Oh, sweet sassafras!

    Is there no place of refuge for those who don't want to know anything about Charlie Sheen?!?

    Sorry if that comes off a bit strong; I didn't tone check it.

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    @dtower: ahhahaha

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    The video and audio quality of this episode was very good. Have you guys finally found a mic that can handle Laura's excitement? Smiley

    The smoothstreaming became un-chunky very quickly too but of course that has nothing to do with the recording quality but it's nice to see the video look good right away instead of having to wait forever.

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    I love the puppy fan vidoe. Not sure what he was doing, but, puppy FTW.

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    hei. your video size measured in petabytes or in megabytes is unreasonably increasing each week. normally HQ wmv ping was somewhere 200-300MB.
    but last last week it was 580MB and this one 800MB!
    amazing and nice laura make-up maybe is increasing, but i hope this each week must-to-view-my-favourite video HQ size in megs will not raise anymore and will come down back to normal size somewhere about below 300megs.
    thanx anyway and have a nice day!

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    @mastertape: hmmm, thanks for the heads up- I will investigate!

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    I got a question for the next ping!

    How much does Microsoft love music? How much does it matter to you?

    Both Zune-Wise and Office-Wise! Smiley

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    Aaron Bertrand

    I am fairly certain that Paul is responsible for the voice of Bob from Bob's Burgers.

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