Ping 95: Microsoft Atlanta, Kodu, Kinect HACK, KEXP to the Cloud

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Laura was out this week so Channel 9 favorite, Clint Rutkas stepped in to deliver all the hottest news coming out of Microsoft. Enjoy:

Paul's SECRET Project (System Center Advisor)!

Kodu offers Prizes

Kinect HACK= Evil Genius

KEXP takes it to the cloud



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The Discussion

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    YEAH QuickBASIC !

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    Nice to see you on Ping! Clint, Coding4Fun is a great site, I used to read it before it merged into here on ch9.

    Kodu is also available on the Xbox as well as PC.

    Another good episode of Boys Without Foy, though it is a shem there is no Laura to look at, always make the episodes that much nicer Wink

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    OK. So when is your turn Microsoft?

    You'll just HAVE to have an interview with her. Either as a PING special or

    just something else! I mean, that's a given!

    And while we're on the subject, please don't have a non-stop laughing
    woman on the interview that has "the crazy girl laugh"!

    It was really painful to watch. 

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    Is that correct about the 100 submissions of Windows Phone 7 app? I thought it was just for free apps.

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    Frankly, I could hardly think of anything more enjoyable than coding. No, really, if I had all the time in the world I would surely be coding all day long. Maybe with small breaks for some other fun stuff such as taking out the trash, going to dentists, hanging out with my mother in law and filling out tax statements.

    Just a technicality: the hyperlink of “Paul's SECRET Project!” is to the Atlanta URL and not the new one.

    Paul, good stuff. Looking forward for the announcement on Thursday. I wish the product would support Windows 7 and not just Win2008 – for demo and evaluation purposes.

    By the way – Clint, you are almost as good as Laura at throwing niners at the camera. I think that at least one of them reached the proximity of 3 feet from it.



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    I love KEXP, but how is that a charity? its just a public radio station, its one of the best stations on the planet so maybe I should shut up, but I don't consider it a charity. (you contribute money and you get a service, great music, its basically HBO for radio)

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    I was waiting on Verizon to release their WP7, but couldn't wait any longer. Caved and got the Arrive on Sprint and couldn't be happier.

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    @Meir: I was actually really close on all three.  If you don't hit the lense, it seems like a total miss

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    @IRB: awesome to hear!

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