Ping 96: Mark Russinovich joins us, Zero Day: A Novel, IE9 loves Firefox, 3D app for your phone

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This week, we have a very special guest host, Charles Torre and he brought with him some exciting stories and an even more exciting guest!

Mark Russinovich stops by to chat about his new book! 

IE love for Firefox

Phone application creates 3D models



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    The Discussion

    • Ryoushin

      Laura: " when you click on it fun things happen!..."
      You'll be surprised for sure if you follow ALL the links in the page! Perplexed
      Hope you didn't see "The Net" (1995)...

      (tip fail!)

    • Damon

      yeah, please vet the sites a little better first for nsfw content even if they appear cute. Some of us are curious people :(

    • CKurt

      Nice Show! Charles seemed nervous walking arround al the time Tongue Out

      Funny website's and for those who don't know, the original manifesto is located at:

      @Damon: the entire Ping show is nsfw imho, it does not help you develop anything. I would say the other going deep video's are for watching in spare time, not working hours.

      I want to learn more about developping in my spare time. Because coding is fun, altough I like architectures and modelling better than writing the actual code sometimes. Because the magic happens more in the architecture than the actual writing imho.

    • Charles

      @CKurt: Not really nervous. That's how I am (you don't see me moving and fidgeting behind the camera... Smiley ).

      Architecture and design are more fun than implementing them or realizing them? Hmm. Can't agree with you there, CKurt. I think they are more coupled than you seem to think (so, code (like libraries, target platforms, various execution requirements, etc) informs architecture/design just as design informs code).


    • IRB

      Nice to see you on the show Charles, but boy Paul is going to have to step it up next time he is on. you were non stop question asking no prompting from Laura required Smiley

      Of course, always good to see Laura back on the show!

      Edit: Oh, and Mark's book looks good I'll need tp pick it up. No special signed copies for Channel 9 viewers though? Wink

    • Charles

      @IRB: Mark's book is great. Almost done reading it. Keeps the reader interested and reads well.

      Thanks for having me on the show, Thug. I'll be back for episode 192. Smiley


    • zoobar

      had a look on the site suggested. i think my eyes now need replacing.  Crying

    • IRB

      , zoobar wrote

      had a look on the site suggested. i think my eyes now need replacing.  Crying

      Yeah I was thinking the same, odd choice Laura!

    • modul8com

      There's no Kindle version of "Zero Day: A Novel" on :-(

    • martinmine

      BING! You're fired ;D Awww, that was dirty of you Laura, now my entire mind is just MINDFCK! Crying

    • Laura10

      What are you guys talking about? When I go to it just brings up a page that says "You Are". That's not dirty, that's adorable.

      I'm confused.


    • felix9 is not exactly the same as

    • Laura10

      @felix9: I get the same image for both URL's actually.



    • HomerSimpian
      just don't go to the site without the 'i' in it Period!
    • IRB

      , Laura10 wrote

      @felix9: I get the same image for both URL's actually.



      Click on the link :/

    • Laura10

      @IRB: Well I never said to click any links!!! Besides, it takes me to a site asking if I am 18 or older, which I am not. So I refuse to click.

      Just go to the site with the "i" in it, please.


    • IRB

      , Laura10 wrote

      @IRB: Well I never said to click any links!!! Besides, it takes me to a site asking if I am 18 or older, which I am not. So I refuse to click.

      Just go to the site with the "i" in it, please.


      Well I'll forgive you, but only because it's you!

    • wp7dev007

      So the 3D app doesn't seem to ever be named.... can it be obtained anywhere?


    • Ryoushin

      Well, I adore this show of yours and CH9 in general (it should be on cable TV, or satellite TV here in Italy!) and I just can giggle on that link tip... but, being truthful and precise, the caption overimpressed @17:24 doesn't have the "i"...

      With that said, keep up the awesome work!

    • TechAZ

      Laura, I didn't think I would have to clean my browser history by visiting a site you suggested!  I had to do a format c:\ /q /y

      Great show, the book Zero Day looks really interesting and I think I'm going to give it a read.


    • Charles

      @wp7dev007: No. It's a research prototype application at this point.


    • electrookosh

      What's up my homies Laura & Paul!?

      You guys GOTTA bring this up on the next PING

      IDC Forecasts Worldwide Smartphone Market to Grow by Nearly 50% in 2011 

      Windows phone will be the next biggest OS on the market, having more share than
      iOS devices.


      1. Android 39,5 procent
      2. Symbian 20,9 procent
      3. iOS 15,7 procent
      4. Blackberry OS 14,9 procent
      5. Windows Phone 5,5 procent
      6. Other 3,5 procent


      1. Android 45,4 procent
      2. Windows Phone 20,9 procent
      3. iOS 15,3 procent
      4. Blackberry OS 13,7 procent
      5. Symbian 0,2 procent
      6. Other 4,6 procent

       Can't wait to see this to come true! 

    • martinmine

      @Laura10: Ok, I forgive you ^^

    • IRB

      It's odd that you get so many viewings but so few ratings, thats a shame.

    • foo

      @Laura10: Actually you do say click on it.

    • PaulMest

      @foo: Laura is obviously one of those n00bs that still require there to be a "GO" button in a web browser that she'd have to click vs. hitting enter. Wink

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