Ping 97: Azure & Toyota, Kinect Window, ICE, WP7 Challenge

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Back in action, Laura and Paul bring you the hottest stories that are being heard around Microsoft Campus this week. Stories include:

Cloud in your car

Kinect window amazes

Stitch together your videos

Microsoft stores...yay or nay?

WP7 Challenge




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The Discussion

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    Personally I'd like to see more Microsoft stores worldwide, especially one over here in Scotland.

    I buy most of my tech online, but for normal people a store would be good to see whats on offer and of course get good customer service and help.

    I'm sad I'm not going to the Nineys, I wanted a 9 guys Sad

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    IMHO it would be great to see Microsoft stores worldwide as I think it's great for brand-building and to let people see what Microsoft has to offer. I know a lot of people that are not aware of Microsoft products besides Windows and Office. The stores could probably expose those products.

    Also put a video of Paul doing the windshield-wiper "dance" in slow motion from this Ping episode with awesome background music in the stores and I think you have instant success.  Big Smile

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    Norman Shey

    To many third parties need to get involved in a Microsoft store with things like phone purchases. I'd love to buy a phone and not deal with a carrier for anything, but that just can't happen.

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    , Marko89 wrote

    Also put a video of Paul doing the windshield-wiper "dance" in slow motion from this Ping episode with awesome background music in the stores and I think you have instant success.  Big Smile

    I like the idea, but I dont think we want to drive the customers away Smiley

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    I really wan't a nine guy too... Big Smile would make a nice addition to the couple of lego figures on my work desk..


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    As long as they don't try too hard to be "cool" (which always lead to embarrassingly uncool situations) MS stores are fine as a marketing and educational tool. I doubt they would be profitable though. Microsoft is still at it core a software company and software can't be held in your hands.

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    Totally yay for MS Store, because it is the only place where I can buy a non-crapware notebook. I can build my own non-crapware desktop, but, I cannot do that with notebooks. And only notebooks from MS store has this approval seal. So, MS Store is the only place I want to buy a new notebook.

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    Not sure how I feel about a Microsoft store. Both Apple and Sony have their own stores, and I have never gone to either. If I was interested in either brand, I go to a big box retailer and compare against other similar items so I can make an informed decision. I wouldn't be able to do that in a Microsoft store and I can't think of a compelling reason to go to one. But I can see that a store dedicated to the brand would serve a purpose for those who may not be able to focus given the many choices available at retailers who are brand agnostic - like my grandma. At least I could tell her go to the Microsoft store and have a reasonable expectation that she would come away with something that might suit her needs.

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    Did anyone else notice at 13:32, Paul nods his head just like Jar Jar Binksokieday

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    , hellokeith wrote

    Did anyone else notice at 13:32, Paul nods his head just like Jar Jar Binksokieday

    ... there goes my self-image for the next week!

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    Very good show!

    The microsoft stores should go global if only for branding. To make addoption faster they should find a way any new business starter can brand his store 'Microsoft Affiliated' and get tons of window stickers and promotional material to make the store shine. (e.g: The racks hoding the stuff )

    Apple has done a similar thing with it's Switch stores here in Europe ( )It"> )It aren't apple stores but they are stongly affliated with Apple Stores. Microsoft needs better branding in retail stores. They need to have a program controlling what laptops are promoted from week to week for example.


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    The thing with the Apple stores is that they can offer the same prices as online because Apple does most of the online selling of Apple products and independent retailers get such a small margin that they can't undercut Apple either.

    That's not the case with PC hardware and software. I don't know why Microsoft thought retail stores were a good idea - vanity maybe? But I don't think it would be a financial success, especially in Britain where the highstreet has been gutted by online sales.

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    Why can't Maryland residents enter in the WP7 challenge?  My first phone app "Shut The Box" is a nice little fun game but I'm currently working on my second which I was going to enter into  the WP7 challenge until I read the fine print.  Maybe next time.   

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    I was intrigued by "Zero Day" so went out and bought it, should be arriving soon - thanks for recommending it Ping! I'm working with a friend to create a WP7 app - when it's done, I will definitly tweet it at @lfoy - maybe she'll hot app it Tongue Out

    And yes, bring Microsoft Stores to the UK!

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    Go Paul go!

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    What's up for the 100th? Bring on something special. Bloopers from the past shows would be good as well.



    WP7Challenge is good, but there are other Microsoft backed WP7 dev competitions as well. I did a post on three of those here:

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    Toyoda is actually family behind Toyota, they think Toyota sounds better as a brand.

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    Microsoft stores are better than retailers when it comes to design inside the store and PCs. The pcs dont have all the crapware installed on them which is a big challange for the computer market worldwide today. However, I have not been in a Microsoft store since I live in Norway. Would be awesome if they could have stores outside the US Big Smile

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    Paul was totally wrong about stores, I would love go check out kinect in some store before I will buy it. And I think world have to see Microsoft is actually pretty cool brand thru those stores.. But Paul have to in the next episode because he is cutest  Big Smile  And I cant get any of Nineys, beacuse Im from Europe Embarassed

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    There is a REAL need for Stores. I'm in Raleigh NC & had a chance to go to the store in AZ. As a result - I have ordered the Dell Venus Pro this week. Why? BECAUSE I could see one. Please fire any and all Punks that who thinks that Stores are a money pit. By the way, the Microsoft Cordless Phone was a Great Product - and some dumb-*ss Exec canned that Product too. NEXT!!!! 

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