Ping 98: Kinect Calorie Challenge, Office 365, Startup America Partnership, and more

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This is another installment of Boys without Foys!  Adam and Paul bring you some of the hottest stories that Microsofites are pinging each other about... and have some good time poking fun at each other in the process.  Check out this episode for these fun stories and more!

Try Out Office 365

Startup America Partnership

Microsoft saves the trees!

Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge

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... we are a mere 2 episdoes away from reaching 100!  Leave a comment or send mail to if there is anything special you'd like to see for the 100th episode.



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The Discussion

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    Episode 100 suggestion haiku:

    Ping near one hundred.

    Good time for a giveaway..

    Prize is a nine guy!

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    Great show as usual.  If there are any out-takes, that would be good for part of the 100th show.  

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    I cant play the video

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    Maddus Mattus

    There is a problem with the smoothstream server,..

    Download one of the alternative links to see the video,..

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    Video is blank!

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    Yeah the video player doesn't work for me either.

    Nice to see you back Adam.

    Office 365 is pretty neat and for small businesses I think will be a great tool.

    EDIT: Oh and for the 100th Episode, you should give all commentors on that episode a 9 guy Big Smile

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    First of all, Congrats to channel9 and Ping team for doing wonderful job, episode after episode... I haven't missed even a single episode.

    @IRB ,  That's a good idea !

    Yeah, some sort of give away from Ping team. May be Laura, Paul , Channel9 guy bobble head pens.


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    For the 100th episode some outtakes or perhaps some funny bloopers...

    Greetings from Brazil!

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    You could do the 100th episode from a different location just to make it more special and have an audience.

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    , dentaku wrote

    You could do the 100th episode from a different location just to make it more special and have an audience.


    How about outdoors on the Microsoft campus? With an audience and a band playing the opening Ping music.

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    munhu mutema

    Wow. \wen's Office 365 comin' to Africa. not to mention Azure. feelin a little left out now.

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