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Ping: Episode 1

12 minutes, 22 seconds


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We are experimenting with some new ideas on Channel 9, and this is the latest Smiley Please understand that we are a work in progress and we'd really love to hear your constructive criticism!

Ping is a new weekly show that will premiere every Monday here on Channel 9. The concept is simple: here at Microsoft we live in an email culture. Our inboxes are forever being filled with news, debates, tips and controversies. So, we decided to take a few
of the more interesting emails from the past week and dive deeper into them in this casual discussion format. We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy this very FIRST episode of Ping!

Topics include:

Microsofts new ad campaign

Windows 7 on Netbooks

Jim Allchin ROCKS!

Twitter love

Mix conference

...and more....

***UPDATE 2/18: All Windows 7 Beta copies are spoken for... thanks, everyone!***


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  • DCMonkeyDCMonkey What?!?
    Is this a Channel 10 video that got posted here by mistake?
  • Nope- it was meant to go here.  We are trying some new things on Channel 9 and trying to broaden our scope. But don't worry- all that you love about C9 will still be available Smiley
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy

    Jim Allchin- You’re Leavin’. I wasn’t expecting to such an emotional song from going to his site. Who ever has left him, I hope he is ok. It’s got an interesting sound to the song. The vocals have some kind of reverb that makes it sound a little ‘electronic’.

  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    This belongs on Channel 10 and please keep Max away from Channel 9.
  • What is wrong with Max being here? C9 used to be much more than just development focused.

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!

    Hah, we can have Charles co-host with Laura Wink

  • Thanks Intelman! If you think back to the ORIGINAL days of C9, it was much more than just developer focused. We are trying to bring back some of that passionate conversation about MS issues- hopefully sparking interaction!

    And Max stays put! He can speak to the hard-core engineering topics that you care about. (And, he's cute)
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    I think you are mistaking your audience entirely. Not only do you undershoot the audience in terms of actual content, but the "attitude" of the video is totally out of whack. I was honestly asking myself as well if this was a C10 video or not. 

    This sort of thing could easily work on C10. Just not C9. 

    If you want to take this format, a fundamental change needs to be done to the format. Here's an example:

    Every week you have a guest on from Microsoft that does something cool. Then everybody from C9 1 week in advance can post questions to the guest, who will then answer them. 

    The current format is lean on content at best I'm afraid. Sure, the 4.5 year old kid is cute and all. But it also does convey a slightly strange message. All arguments which were presented by both of you after what seemed like a few too many cups of coffee. Could I have thought them out myself? Sure.

    When I go to C9 I want to gain new knowledge or get a deeper insight into something. We have This Week on C9 which has a slightly lighter take on the whole thing which is awesome. I don't think there's room for more than that. I love This Week on C9 though Smiley
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Huh, really? I have watched almost the entire library of video. Sure, back then when Scoble was here, it was a bit more light-hearted. While Charles also back then made excellent technical stuff, there was a nice balance. I'm not saying there's not today. But the face of C9 has NOT changed a lot.

    It's still about developers. It's still about products and how developers use them. Even This week on C9 is all about development stuff and things developers might be interested in.

    I don't know how you can have a passionate conversation about a 4.5 year old kid in an advert. How is that related to developers? If we started discussing how the developer experience is on the microsoft platform on the other hand, then you got something. But Jim Allchin playing music? Talk about.. Ugh, I don't even want to go there.

    The whole thing made me feel like I was back in kindergarden. 
  • C9 was consumered focused as well as developer focused...

    This is a perfect neat example.

  • webmonkeywebmonkey How am i supposed to code with theeeeeese ?

    Well I'd watch it again, on here or 10.

  • Well...Channel 9 is expanding. We are looking to reach out past solely the developer audience- while still offering our core audience (you) the content they expect. It's about growing. So while we respect and adore our developer audience- we're reaching out a bit wider.

    ahhh...I do miss kindergarden Smiley
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Channel 9 has always been about Microsoft, the technologies we make and the people who think up and build our platforms, tools and products. Developers have always been front and center (either in the conversations themselves or the conversations have centered around stuff developers care about). Over the years, I've focused pretty heavily on the How, What and Why (Going Deep, etc) with the Who being implicit (they are always in front of the camera, but we don't always talk very much about them). I will continue to make content that is explicitly targeted at developers. Does this mean that nobody else can make content for Channel 9? Of course not! Look at how many people are creating content today. Sure, it's dev-focused, but does it all have to be? Again, to be very clear, what we already do will not stop. We're just trying to make different kinds of music.

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    I like it! It's a nice break from the dry 45 mins developers interviews. I really enjoyed it.

    But, you know what? I think Laura would be the perfect person to do some "technical" interviews. I mean have Laura at some technologies and have her take at them. Not that she's not technical, but I remember when Scoble did the technical interviews, he really added to them w/ his perspective.

    No MTV-cut transitions, please. I think you two provide enough energy that you don't need that gimmick. Plus, those transitions are annoying!

    Max, lose the sticks! I found myself dodging them for the safety of my eyes! And quit picking on Laura Smiley

    Bottom line, more Ping!

    Oh, BTW, "ping" means this in the following order: 1) IM   2) Text msg   3) e-mail
  • Thanks for the feedback Minh Smiley As I said, we are trying a bunch of new things and I will definitely take your comments into consideration when we shoot the next episode of Ping!
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    In that case, a paradigm shift is needed. 

    Lay it out clearly. Where are you trying to take C9? If I were to be extremely paranoid, I would say that you are selling out to whoever your dear overlord is at C9. 

    The point of C9 was pretty clear. The fact that C10 suddenly came around was a natural development. A development that was needed in order for C9 not to move away from it's roots.

    The fact you are now trying to take it somewhere else is mind-boggling to me. You are dealing with professionals here who just wants to get a scoop on the newest things from Microsoft or learn about compilers and stuff. There's only so many hours during a day. Don't waste people's time because you want to reach a broader audience. 

    If there's a supply for something, there will also be a demand. If you supply this new type of content elsewhere and people want it, they will go somewhere else for it. The main selling point of C9 is that developers can go and find information they want. The second you start appealing to a broader audience, that's one reason down the drain.

    I might just be stubborn. But the way you lightly put it, I'm really wondering if I should be taking offense. It's a classic scenario. You see it all over the place. A few people gets a really good idea. They implement it and all of a sudden they realize they could take it even further by compromising their core audience who were the reason they became a success. Then they try to cater to a mainstream audience and they fail at it. Look at the music business. I can't count the amount of bands who sold out and failed at it.

    Seriously, don't even go there. I beg you Sad

  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Funny you should mention you wanting to do different kind of music while I was writing up my post.

    Case in point, eh?
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle

    Hmmm... interesting experiment. I think it is a little bit too much of "I want to be cool" and advertisements packed into a show. My idea would be to tune a little bit down (looks too much as if you guys were on too much coffee or some other dope).

    I'm probably tuning into the the next episode to see what you guys got. Smiley

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    Show Idea:

    I was thinking of this when I saw these "I'm a PC (The Rookies)" ads...

    Kylie, Age 4 1/2

    Alexa, Age 7

    All I could think of is a diva fight between Kylie and Alexa.

    Kylie: (Mockingly) I'm a PC and I'm 7 years old... Ohhh that's great, grandma!


  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    ping means that you get a pong, if you are lucky Tongue Out
  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    It was more than just developer focused but the level was still higher than your show. It looked like Max didn't do anything to prepare for the show except for bringing his drumsticks.
    - You don't come to Channel 9 telling us what a netbook is when we had technical videos about these more than a year ago.
    - The little girl in the commercial or Jim playing music has already been posted in the Coffeehouse.
    - Everyone interested in the beta of Windows 7 had the chance to download it for the past 2 months.
    - Talking about Mix? We already have videos of Mike Swanson and other interesting people from Mix.

    And please don't start about "sparking" interaction because I haven't seen any interaction in the past from you or Tina on Channel 10.
    Please go back to Channel 10, it's dying. The only things I see now are tips from Sarah and every time I click on the image thinking it's a video but it's just a lame screenshot.
  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    Expand your minds, guys. Give the show some time before poopooing on it. I think it will grow on you. Plus... If you don't like it, skip that channel, just like a TV
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    ZippyV had a point... the stuff mentioned should be new instead of talking about old coffee. Or at least a mixture. That's probably what also made "This week on C9" interesting (and of course the hosts). I mean, there's always something in there that you probably didn't know.
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    But isn't that the whole point of a pilot? The post even asks for constructive criticism. Am I then supposed to sit back and watch a bad idea falling to the ground and compromise the integrity of C9 as a developer community? I don't think so.

    You know, I have often pitched C9 when at conferences. What do you think the major selling point is? The fact it's JUST developer content.

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Hey Chad,

    I get it man, I do.  This isn't really a sellout, though, this is just a different style that is better received by some less hard-core developer people.  Just because one of my favorite cable channels plays "Sex and the City" doesn't mean I'm not watching the entire channel any more, just not that show... they still play "Seinfeld."

    Your feedback is always appreciated, and personally I like it that you're very direct, so keep it up.  To respond with the same candor you bring to the table: if you don't like these pieces, don't watch them Smiley.  I totally agree some of the material is redundant for many of you.  But if even one person learns something new or enjoys it, is it not worth making??

    Like I said, love it that you're here... hope you keep coming back.  We'll try to make Ping as interesting as we can for everyone and I have taken your comments to heart.

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    "compromise the integrity of C9"

    C'mon now...
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Well Max. Here's the thing.

    When I surf on the internet, I try to make it easier for myself to navigate the information. There's a lot of stuff which I don't watch on C9. Mostly the more marketing-like stuff that does tend to happen once in a while. Going deep and the like I love.

    Niche sites are really popular for a reason. The user can find what it wants. What happens when said site sells out? Users flee.

    We have a site for students, a site for developers and a site for consumers. It seems like you are trying to find a middle-ground for all this. 

    What about trying to move this to C10? I think you are trying to feed 
    to developers
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Here is what the dictionary says about integritythe quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness the state of being whole and undivided 
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Haha, alright, I see your point.

    I'll leave the sticks at home.

    So riddle me this... other than me busting into an office and talking to a dev for a while (pretty much another Charles), is there something you feel is missing you'd like to see?
  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    C'mon now, Chad. We're not talking about whether Mother Theresa should go to heaven here.
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Casual conversation with developers at microsoft. It seems to be what you are trying to do, only on a slightly different level.

    C9 has always been about exposing the average joe inside microsoft. Robert Hess and Co. tried to do that with "Behind the Code", only that it was not really all that casual at all. It was waaay too formal.

  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    How about hell? That seems more appropriate. 

    Don't be fooled by the fact I'm very explicit in my opinion. Trying to sugar coat just doesn't help anybody.

    I don't like hurting anybodies feelings or saying that I didn't like something. I'm just honest. 
  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    I think you're just blowing things out of proportion (and I know blowing things out of proportion).
  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    This time there is a reason for it.
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy

    um, so did any one ells go to Jim Allchin web site?

    Seriously, I like the name ping. I think having different people on the show is a good suggestion. It would also be interesting to get Lara’s take on a technical interview. With that said, it’s a little to early for me to make a defining call on the show.

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!

    I think the Syndrome avatar has gotten to you Wink

    I kid, I kid.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    It's important that we have this frank conversation. After all, you are all the reason we do what we do. We are not doing this lightly, as was suggested. You can have a direct impact on the content of Ping just as the pilot made explicit. As always, speak up, speak out. Charlie, we are not going to stop doing what you like and have come to expect. We'll just do more variety. You can pick and choose what suits your educational and entertainent needs. Nobody is going to change Channel 9 into some big infomircial for Microsoft. Nobody on this team has any interest whatsoever in such a thing, from management on down.

    Keep on posting,
  • Everyone else seems to be focused on the content and whether it fits into their view of what C9 is or is not, I'd like to comment on the quality of the video and how it was almost unwatchable for me. I downloaded the WMV (High) video "PING01_2MB_ch9.wmv" and the interlacing started to give me a headache, it was terrible. Every movement showing lots of breakup, its very hard on the eyes.

    Please use a progressive capture or run the video through a de-interlacing step at least, the videos from Charles' interviews does not suffer from this problem.

    Example... (can you tell she's holding a mic?)

  • As Zippy pointed out the Kylie video was posted here on Channel9 Feb 8th and Rocken Jim had a thread begining on Feb 12th, yet the two of you say with smiles on your faces that  you come to Channel9 everyday.

    Placing ping on C9 is a clear admision that on10 has failed, there are teenagers on YouTube with more talent and viewers.
  • Actually- we never claimed to be breaking news, but rather discussing topics relevant to MS today. Also, I've never claimed to visit 9 daily. But I do intend to do so from now on, thanks!
  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    Oh god, it's like Endemol started making programs for C9 Sad
  • What was it you said about Twitter?

    How can someone who plays a celebrity on the Internet have only 151 Followers?
  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    gd it paul, this is why nobody likes you
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    ....err.. ok.. where to start.. Smiley

    lets go about some metafeedback first:) do you really want feedback on this..? from lauras and parially charleses (but to a much smaller degree) you seem to have made the decision that ping is a 'great' show and that its here to stay Smiley
    you're really sending out mixed messages..
    when chadk gives you feedback lauras response is:
    "Well...Channel 9 is expanding"
    to me, thats pretty much saying: "well.. unless you're not you like my show, i dont want to hear it" and thats just not cool.

    also, charles, you make a comment that
    "Does this mean that nobody else can make content for Channel 9?"
    well, no, but this is not about the person, its about the content.  (actually for me its a bout the hosts a littlebit, but more on that later)
    does cnn have to broadcast news all the time? does espn have to be all sports shows? no.. but you dont watch espn to get economical analysies, you dont watch cnn to get scoop on the latest music videos. channels have a purpose and a target audience.. the target audience of c9 are developers who want the latest information relevant to what they do/are interested in. there is no piece of information that isnt at least several weeks old in this show..

    also, about the show.. to me, this show comes of as a mtv-whannabe-technical-but-not-so-much-that-anyone-thinks-we-are-geeks kind of show.. i dont know it its meant to be a spoof of it self or if you actually think you're cool with those smash cuts of dancing, but it aint cool and it aint funny..

    its like you're embarresed about beeing  technical, afraid beeing called "geeks" and you make a huge effort to appear cool. for me laura is the most obvious example of this.. you(laura) seem to make every effort to not be labled as a geek and not know "too much" about the technical stuff. 

    you come of as condesending to me espesially when you talk to devs, not only in this show but in other coverage of mix and pdc and such. its almost like you think you're better than them because they're nerds and you're not. thats the image you protray to me anyway [and no i dont know laura at all, my oppinion is based of her appearances on c9/10 and may be completly wrong when it comes to her actual personality]

    dont get me wrong, image is an imporant part of marketing. but the people who come here are not into that kind of marketing.. id, explect this kind of thing in a roll-over flash ad on facebook or myspace, not on channel 9

    infact, thats my main problem with this. its marketing. its even got a commecial in it. what makes c9 so great is that its -free- of marketing.. its even in the "manifest" of channel9.. you are ofcourse free to post what you like, but this is a step in the wrong direction im afraid..

    what would i like instead? more channel9 interviews. they are the ones that make channel9 great.
    i quote charles: "[..] focused pretty heavily on the How, What and Why (Going Deep, etc) with the Who being implicit" thats exactly what i want Smiley that's what makes channel9 unique. thats what makes c9 great Smiley people are made interesting by what the create imo, not the other way around Smiley
    other interviewers are fine, but im talking about the channel9 format Smiley conversation. not pseudo interviews with prewritten awnsers/overrides by the interviewer.
    bottom line, if it aint broken, dont fix it. and channel9 is not broken Smiley
  • Well I hope Laura just made a generous contribution to the Ohio Special Olympics
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. Indeed, C9 ain't broke. We're not trying to fix it, therefore. My apologies if I sound as though you have no voice. Understand this: you most certainly do. We are simply trying to appeal to more than developers (well, I'm not, but that's OK. I only conduct Channel 9 conversations with engineering folks because that's my background, that's my interest and that's where I'm most useful). In the end, Channel 9 is about Microsoft, it's people and the technology. I also like to engage in conversations with engineers who don't work for Microsoft (Inside Out show, JAOO coverage, LANG.NET coverage, etc). But Channel 9 is not Me (this is not Charles 9). I am just a small part of a much bigger picture. When we started Channel 9 the goal was to connect with people by talking to people about what they do and why they do it. This is still our goal.

    We have always wanted to be an open place. A place where the world can meet Microsoft and learn first-hand why we do what we do. We also wanted to provide a place for YOU to have a voice and man have you spoken to us! Thank you, Niners! Speak up!

    Microsoft is first and foremost a platform company (very few of our products are without significant APIs). Without developers innovating on top of our platform, we would be lost. Developers are incredibly important to us and this will not change. Channel 9 will continue to have incredible developer content, just like it always has. And, we will continue to bring it to you in a human way. New shows and voices does not equate to the end of C9 as you know it. No. It simply harkens a new day where, through Channel 9, we bring you more of Microsoft.

    Look, Laura and Max are not in Marketing. Max has a degree in computer engineering and Laura has been covering geekness for many years. I'd imagine they both want to make Ping as relevant to as many people as possible, including developers. Give them some time. Help them fly the plane Smiley

    Keep on posting,
  • Laura and Max have been on Microsoft's payroll for quite some time, and this is the best they can do ?

     How much share holder value  was invested in the production of ping?
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Come now. Play nice.

    Eagle, you've been a Niner for a long time. I expect more from C9 elders than this! Rather than slinging anger, throw some feedback that we can act on. You know how C9 works. You know that we aren't marketing blowhards. You know that we sincerely care about this community (even when it was a community of just about 10 people) and would never do anything to compromise the trust that Channel 9 carries. 

    I'm posting the doctrine for all of our benefits. It's important to remember these 9 rules as they guide us (even when we produce content with flashy graphics and lively hosts - the C9 kernel remains the same)

    1. Channel 9 is all about the conversation. Channel 9 should inspire Microsoft and our customers to talk in an honest and human voice. Channel 9 is not a marketing tool, not a PR tool, not a lead generation tool.
    2. Be a human being. Channel 9 is a place for us to be ourselves, to share who we are, and for us to learn who our customers are.
    3. Learn by listening. When our customers speak, learn from them. Don't get defensive, don't argue for the sake of argument. Listen and take what benefits you to heart.
    4. Be smart. Think before you speak, there are some conversations which have no benefit other than to reinforce stereotypes or create negative situations.
    5. Marketing has no place on Channel 9. When we spend money on Channel 9 the goal is to surprise and delight, not to promote or preach.
    6. Don't shock the system. Lasting change only happens in baby steps.
    7. Know when to turn the mic off. There are some topics which will only result in problems when you discuss them. This has nothing to do with censorship, but with working within the reality of the system that exists in our world today. You will not change anything by taking on legal or financial issues, you will only shock the system, spook the passengers, and create a negative situation.
    8. Don't be a jerk. Nobody likes mean people.
    9. Commit to the conversation. Don't stop listening just because you are busy. Don't stop participating because you don't agree with someone. Relationships are not built in a day, be in it for the long haul and we will all reap the benefits as an industry.

    As a community we must help one another to keep the plane on course. Yelling at the pilots, calling the fellow travelers idiots, drinking too many little bottles of gin, this won't lead to constructive discousre. Try a little tenderness, Eagle. You're a smart guy. No need to be mean spirited. It's not helpful.

    Keep on posting,

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    In the spirit of transparency... the production of ping took less than one hour of shooting including setup and breakdown in the studio (same one that "This week on C9" uses, by the way... it's a minimalis tiny studio).  This was last week, while the topics were as relevant as possible.  Editing was not outsourced, it was all Laura for this one.  It was not posted immediately when ready due to unavoidable circumstances with our back-end.

    And to echo Charles' points, we are listening and will tweak things as we go along.  Try not to get your panties in a bunch Tongue Out
  • Minh nice?

    As I post this no one has been the first to comment on ping on10 . 

    Charles you need to read this thread,

    A show about email is a lame idea, there are better ways to communicate  today, try Twitter.
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy


    Stop being so mean for a moment and give a constructive critique.

  • MinhMinh WOOH!  WOOH!
    Minh nice?

    What? I'm the nicest person I know!
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy
    It is true, not all developers are nice. Many have difficulty with their emotions. Often times they are off putting, insensitive, and smelling of cheese wiz. Smiley
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    I've only met a few mean devs over the years (I was kind of an a-hole during my dev days, but then I'm sometimes just angry in general).

    Like all humans, developers are, well, human. Smiley
  •  You Can't actually be offended by a new show that doesn't replace anything on what would formally be known as some kind of 'schedule here'.  Laura's very absorbent of the geek world, whole heartedly, and the rock and roll shots that are making you so nervous are seemingly genuine adherence to her rocking beliefs. This is a show that takes advice and is interchangeable and versatile so stop acting put down by it and let it slide for future evolution and focus.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    When you look back on C9, we've often tried new things (it's in our DNA). You then let us know if we're insane by providing feedback.

    We listen, learn and try again.


    Welcome Change,
  • irascianirascian Irascible Ian
    Find it bizarre that Tina can claim this was made for Channel 9 when she's interviewing everyone with a microphone that's carrying the Channel 10 logo!
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Where have you been, dear Ian??!

    Welcome back!
  • Drumsticks - seriously?
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Charles, I'm still wondering exactly what audience you are trying to address. Where are you trying to take C9?
  • wooow.... were you guys nervous or something? too much coffee? too much sugar? show could become interesting I guess, but... seriously... duude... slow down people Tongue Out just a notch. coming home from work, sitting down with some interesting videos, I would like to stress down with some light and interesting geeky stuff. But aaaaaaaaaaa Tongue Out Anyways, good luck with the show. (Hope you can tone down the crazy hyperness just a tad though Tongue Out)

    EDIT: Also, I'm pretty new here, so I don't really have a clue what ch8 or 9 or 10 or whatever is really all about. but regardless of what you were trying to do, to who and where: I find it the same as I do with many other shows, like on discovery channel for example. interesting with lots of potential. But kind of ruined because of too hyper active style, noisy stressy interludes, etc.
  • Hello,

    I don't mean to provide too much negative feedback, but I agree with most people here, you've completely missed your audience.  The audience is the developer, not the YTV generation.  Are you and Max developers?  Or are you guys VJ's?  I don't feel that you guys took this site audience seriously.  I actually feel you guys are trying too hard to be ironic.

    This whole video seemed like a bad case of Tarzan Dan from YTV.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    We are not changing course... It seems that Niners like shows (TWC, Continuum, etc). So, we are simply trying to add some new material in show form. The Ping crew hear you loud and clear and will incorporate Niner feedback into Ping and ensure that they make what people want to see. They get it. Thanks for all your feedback, Niners!!

    Keep on posting,
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy

    I come to channel 9 as one of the daily sites I visit. I am amazed by how much content that gets put up on the site. There is a new video almost every single day. That amount of content is unprecedented. I visit Blizzard.com  site a lot as well. a couple of my fav sites. But they don’t put near as much new content up on their site. they still have valentines up on their site. I like watching episodes on channel 9. Some of my favorite videos are those of Bill Hill and those that deal with MS personalities. I also like behind the code. I do have a couple least favorites. But it’s not enough to make me rant and rave. I focus on what I like and leave what I don’t like to others to enjoy.

  • It WAS quite cheesy (mostly because of the music and the editing) but the information was relevant to C9. Max and Laura are also fine as hosts, just don't try SO hard to be "wild and crazy guys" all the time.
    Ping is like the less geeky and faster paced version of what Dan and Brian do but it would still fit C9 better if it was a tad less goofy and more in the style of systm on revision 3.
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Thanks... will try to tone it down for you Smiley
  • So we're going to get an episode 2 of a useless  video show on email, didn't you get the memo?

    All around the world people are losing their jobs, Banks are failing, homes are in foreclosure and bread lines can't be far off.
    Does Microsoft's DPE Team really have endless resources to plow into a frivolous video show.?
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    thats great to hear Smiley

    you mention branching out channel 9 to reach a wider audience.
    the thing is i thought channel8 and ten where branchouts from c9 (maybe it was the other way around, i dont wanna start a chicken-and-egg discussion here) the point is that they are diffrent and there's nothing wrong with at. i dont think this is a show for c9.. c9 is about developers(develeopers, developers) jaoo and lang.net are most definatly developer related. talking about emails is not Smiley
    The target audience for ping, who ever that is, is not here imo, but that doesnt mean there isnt an audience somewhere else, not all comments have been negative Smiley

    you could air all your content from edge, 8,9 and 10 on a single site but just as there are diffrent sections of a newspaper, you dont because you want people to find what they are interested in. Having ping on channel 9 istead of 8 or 10 will cause less people to see it because i think most niners will think its too light on the tech stuff and the people who are interested in it wont visit c9 because its the 'developer channel/section'. everyone sorta looses in that case Smiley why not have it on 8 or 10 and keep evolving those sites to cater to their target audiences?

    what i would like to see is a tv-guide of sorts for all the channels (just like a regular tv guide)
    federated rss feeds would also be great, like beeing able to select the shows  or topics you're interested in Smiley

    even now im not really sure who exactly 8 and 10 are target at, maybe thats what we need to make more clear, imo each channel should preserve their identity but there could also be more linking between the sites, more "oh btw, if you want more/less techy take on this, check out c9/c10" pleasing everyone is almost always impossible and i dont think channel9 is an exception to this Smiley

    all that beeing said, i do not think c9 should stop trying new ideas. having ping here was an experiment and thats great, just as we remember that experiments are allowed to have less favorable outcomes some times Smiley that goes for some of the commenters here as well (im looking at you eagle) Wink
  • Well, the show's email basis has, I would imagine, a wide range of possibilities with the inclusion of developement subjects in good probability.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Don't be a jerk. Read the Channel 9 Doctrine again, please. Thank you.

    Max and Laura are busy rethinking this. They will incorporate feedback and try again. Please be helpful. They're just trying to add some creativity to C9 and reach both developers and general geeks. They understand what went wrong and what went right. Please stop harassing them!

  • Calling someone names is a sure sign of not listening

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    I only stated, precisely, one of our doctrine items. Please adhere to it.
  • Erik PorterHuman​Compiler Now with more apps
    Why are you here, replying to this thread?  It's obviously not to help.
  • Erik PorterHuman​Compiler Now with more apps
    I liked the show.  I sort of felt like I was on speed the whole time, which was totally awesome with the rockin' cut scenes, but other than that it was fun.  Don't know why, but I really wanted to "see" these threads you referred to.  Maybe that's just me since I work here too.  Tongue Out
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Thanks, Mr. E.

    Honestly I don't mind Eagle or Zippy's comments, I think they're being honest and clearly passionate... and that's their prerogative as a niner.  Laura and I have already discussed everyone's ideas and how we can better address the audience.

    Personally I have some non-show material I'm working on that I think will be better received.  And Ping will evolve as necessary, I hope.
  • An honest assessment is the best help anyone will ever give you
  • I'm sure Jeff will be throwing good money after bad by paying for links and rewarding bloggers who give the show a good review. 
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    I wonder how much money I have to throw at Charles for banning you. Perplexed
  • Sure, I agree.  I'd like to elaborate on my previous comment, and state for the record why I come back.  Maybe it will be helpful to others, maybe not, but at least I can share my point of view.

    I like the Developer-Geek centric focus of this site.  That is why I come back.  I don't come back because it's a silly site; I come back because it puts a human face on Microsoft.  I come back because it’s a place to get your geek on.  It’s a place where some of the smartest people I’ve ever heard are able to distill their ideas to people with lesser amounts of experience and knowledge and I understand it! (side note, I finally applied at Microsoft because a video detailed how to do it!)

    I come back for shows like the WM_IN series.  I have sometimes watched those videos over and over on my lunch break.  Videos about Rebecca Norlander (XP SP2), The Goth - Jillian Venters (Editor), Emma Williams (Intentional Engineering), and Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec (IIS), are awesome (I didn't even have to look those names up to spell them, that's how many times I’ve watched those videos).  I wish WM_IN had a new post each week, or even each day.  Whenever I see a new post, I just download the HQ version immediately.  I find it one of the most interesting shows on C9.  I watch these because they are inspiring and interesting.

    Ok, now that I’ve expressed whey I come back; let me offer an constructive alternative view point sans mudslinging.  Charles, Max, and Laura, you did a good job on the first attempt (you did, most of us here I bet don’t know how to produce video).  It didn't go over well (unfortunately), but you threw out exactly what you wanted; it didn't stick, so try again.

    As for those who are slamming Charles and Laura for Microsoft payroll, wow, talk about a kick in between the legs.  Everyone who creates content for Channel9 does have a vested interest to keep the site alive, but more importantly Channel9 was created for us.  If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t come back for more.  If it was a marketing site, this conversation wouldn’t be happening (or even be allowed).    Everyone complains that Microsoft isn't transparent enough, and you know what, we get more info from Microsoft than any Apple fans get from Steve Jobs.  For all we know, Apple only has one employee, Steve.  When have you ever been able to download videos from Apple’s conferences without paying for the content?  If there is a site, please point me to it?

    If I could make a suggestion, why not talk about what floats around Microsoft's inboxes?  What do you receive for email?  Is it hate mail, is it love mail, does Microsoft read **ALL** feedback they receive?  Where exactly does the mail we send go?  If I email you Charles, or Laura, or even Brad Abrams, Scott Guthrie, or even Steve Sinofsky, does it pop in their inbox, is it filtered, what happens to it? Where does the feedback we provide when we click "Send Feedback" in Windows 7 go?  Who monitors it?  Or, if we have a suggestion, found a bug, fixed a bug, etc, who do we contact?  It sometimes I email Carl Franklin at DotNetRocks, because I feel I don’t know who I’m supposed to contact when a site was down.  I’ve emailed Dan Fernandez when the Passport service for C9 was down a few days ago.  I’ve even looked on Google Maps and found the 425 number for Microsft and called that because I didn’t know how to contact.  I know I digress, but I’ve been there, lost.  I think answering those questions would be great start.



  • Hi guys

    I am brand new to Channel 9.  Charles i would like to say a big well done, i thought the show was a nice break from the normal serious videos that i watch on here.  don't get me wrong, i love the serious ones, but it is nice to have a light hearted vid on here now and again.  I understand what eagle and others are saying, but i feel a little light hearted entertainment in the MS field is a good thing.  To be honest, i was working on a Visual C++ code that wasn't working and starting to do my head in, i watched that video which totally took my mind off of it, went back after and saw the fault straight away.  therefore it was a nice distraction.

    I would say a few things though that i did not really like.

    1.   Please can you be a bit more in-depth with the topics, as others point out, we know more than the average
    2    Be fun, be chatty, but please less head banging, it did put me off a bit

    All in all guys, it was a good start.  Look at the end of the day, it made me favourite the site, that is a good thing in my opinion..  Smiley

    Keep it up.  When is the next episode?
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!

    Great suggestions overall... and to answer your question about email: if you are sending it to someone's Microsoft email address, it will get to them (provided our security filters do not think you're phishing or a spammer Wink).  Now getting a response, that is something completely up to the recipient.

  • No more head banging- we promise Smiley
  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.
    Yeah, the show isn't really for me, I guess. I'm very boring, though. I did find it kind of odd that the show already has higher production values than This Week on C9... which I think is a pretty popular part of C9. I mean, there's more than one camera angle here, for starters.

    Rather than changing the show or C9's format, though, can't we just get rid of Eagle instead? I mean, damn.
  • You can&#39;t handle my nameKoogle I'm a Terminator - Astalavista, Vis7a!
     I'm just gonna quote Minh, as I was literally gonna say the exact same things having just watched this first episode... plenty of buzz in the show, and I think its fine being shown on c9 -bit of variety..  only thing to add is that I think you need a better studio background/setup... that red lighting on the curtain just looks similar to c9 weekly doesn't go with the whole green 'ping', black bg style imo Smiley

    "No MTV-cut transitions, please. I think you two provide enough energy that you don't need that gimmick. Plus, those transitions are annoying!
    Max, lose the sticks! I found myself dodging them for the safety of my eyes! And quit picking on Laura Smiley

    Bottom line, more Ping!

    Oh, BTW, "ping" means this in the following order: 1) IM   2) Text msg   3) e-mail"
  • Wow - Tough crowd and I always thought the root definition of PING was that of a Packet Internet Groper...............

    Anyhoo - as this was a first episode and there has been a myriad of feedback, I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a couple more

    Change is a good thing and without challenging the "norm" we'd still be living in caves hunting with rocks, lighten up folks, and that includes developers Wink
  • jason818_253.33jason818_25​3.33 Yippi skippy
    Its monday... where is the next episode?
  • Well, I've never been to Channel 9 before, and I came to watch this video, if that's a useable data point.  Not a developer, but I am in IT - I'm a Systems Analyst.

    I'd watch it again, it seemed interesting.  Thought the rock-n-roll transitions were a bit frenetic, but whatever.  I'd think there'd be an audience for this kind of show, covering topics of interest to developers that aren't necessarily code-related.  Get some folks on - the "people behind the code" that folks keep talking about, get their snippets of input on each of the topics, instead of it being all Laura and Max all the time.

    The comments on here are hilarious.  I GET that you're all developers.  Does that mean you don't talk about anything other than code?  I think the intent here is to cover the kind of topics you're probably talking about at the watercooler that week...but some of these folks seem to be shouting "NO!  If it's not code related, you're wasting my time!  I'm not programmed for social interaction of any kind!"  Sheesh.

    And thanks for linking Laura's twitter.
  • Chris PietschmannCRPietschma​nn Chris Pietschmann
    This show seems to be too much of a "marketing pitch" than what we are used to on C9. In my opinion this isn't the content I'm looking for on C9.
  • I subscribe to the feeds for both Channel 9 and Channel 10, so I didn't mind this being on Channel 9 as others apparently did. However, Channel 9 has been branded to me as the hard-core technical videos, whereas, Channel 10 is the lighter, product/consumer side videos. This seems to be more of the latter. I watch Channel 10 for a mental break, and Channel 9 to challenge myself to learn more depth in my field.

    It was a good, short show that got across a few decent stories. I would watch it again. Can't seem to find the 2/23 episode though.
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    We took a week break to re-group with everyone's comments.  We'll call 2/23 the "lost" episode, since we actually did have material but ended up not running with it Smiley

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