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Ping: Episode 2

13 minutes, 33 seconds


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Ping is back for week 2! We heard what you were saying and we tried to give you something more in line with what you'd expect. This week we observed and listened to what people here at Microsoft were buzzing about, what was on their minds, what they talked
about at the water cooler.  Here is a recap of what was on the minds of Microsofties this past week. Again, we are a work in progress so your (constructive) feedback is always welcome. We hope you enjoy.


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  • Larry LarsenLarryLarsen "Lightbulb"
    @Ping: It's not that I don't like Twitter, I'm just a fan of other services. The fact that Bank of America along with $45 billion US tax dollars is using Twitter to respond to customer complaints isn't a big selling point for me. Don't judge a compay by what they do in the public spotlight (twitter) but how they treat you when no one is looking.

    Larry "Lightbulb" Larsen
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    wow.. i gotta say, much improved over ep 1!
    more meat on the subjects,  loads better interviewing by laura (less trying to be funny, more trying to get interesting stuff out if the intreviewee)
    all in all,  pretty good i gotta say Smiley

    only down side was a a bit to agressive cutting on the interviews, i didnt really get what they where showing, :/ the backside touch device (final name pending) where really cool, love to see some more info on that. Just get it to market before apple steals it plz Smiley
    also, some of the audio quality in the clips could have been better but thats really just nitpicking

    i do have a general comment though, there seems to be alot of "weekly" shows on channel9 that arent really that weekly Wink  the only show that is somewhat regular seems to be this week on channel 9
    again, just a nitpick i guess but why not just skip the "weekly" bit and let yourself of the hook?Smiley

  • Thanks aL_ ! We really are still in teh learning stage and hopefully will continue to improve each week- thanks for giving us another chance Smiley

    Regarding the aggressively cut TechFEst video, that was intentional. The idea was "Here's a TASTE of TechFest, and you can cathc the full coverage through the interviews on C9 and C10" Perhaps I shuold have made that more clear. Here's a link to the TechFest videos on C10 if you are interested:


    The "Backside Touch" (oh, sounds dirty!) one will be up tomorrow.

    Also- we TOTALLY intend to be weekly. We just took last week off to really think about what our feedback was and how to act upon it accordingly.

    Thanks again....see you next week!
  • Max, is rocking the facial hair! Dig the post guys!!
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    hey you guys where hit pretty hard last time so its understandable that you took a week of Smiley i actually felt kinda bad after last time, felt like i kicked you when you where down, sorry bout that

    so there are more techfest stuff coming? i missed the ones on c10 (even though its on my live.com rss page, gotta watch that more closely) so i'll check those out Smiley

    "backside touch" really lends it self to inappropriate jokes (always fun) Tongue Out perhaps it should be marketed like that Big Smile get it into a 50 cent video and you're golden, atleast with the rnb crowd Wink

    they should have the menus semi transparent and have the cursor "blobs" appear behind the menu, pushing the buttons/ui "out".. that would be totaly awsome..
  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while
    OMG you showed my ding dong e-mail
    Laughing pretty hard here Big Smile
  • That was good. It's heading in a  more Systm/DLTV direction just completely MS related.

    You always see Grant Imahara using a Windows machine on Mythbusters so it's great to see the 3 younger Mythbusters in one of those adds.
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    I was laughing pretty hard when we got it, had to share Wink
  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.
    What, no drum sticks? This SUCKS.

    Seriously though, I liked this a lot more. I'm not quite sure how different this is from This Week On C9, but it's going in the right direction. Keep it up!

    That Backside Touch thing reminded me of LucidTouch. In fact, it looked like exactly the same thing as LucidTouch, only smaller. What else is different about it?
    Not a big fan of the Mythbusters ad... it looked way to scripted to me. The Rookies clips are awesome, though. If they shorten those down, and keep a lot of the weird offhand comments, they'd make great TV ads. Hey, they could do a two part thing where they don't show the results until after the next commercial. You can steal that idea for free, if you want.
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!

    Hah, some people weren't fan of the sticks so I nixed those..... but don't worry, they're in my pack along with tons of sheet music.

  • Microsoft Zune ads were all wack, I  do not understand why they paid for but didn't use "Zune Raw Deluxe".  


    I do like the new "I am a PC" / Life Without Walls ads. The rookie challenge is kind of lame and stupid though, at least in comparison.

    Oh and Ping is still great Tongue Out I liked it before though. The changes didn't hurt though. 

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    I like that one...

    My all-time favorite is an ad we didn't even use (or make)... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTXa6Ztuu3s

    That one gave me chills when I first saw it.  Such a great use of music, camera angles, and simple special effects.  It totally made me overlook the fact that a bird on the ground is probably not the best thing to put my earbuds on..... unless I want 20,000 diseases Tongue Out
  • That one is good, I forgot about that one. I really haven't seen any zune ads in a while though, what a shame. The only Microsoft ad I see is on the science channel about some surfing CEO...
  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    Still not enough ritaline.
  • rhmrhm
    Congratualtions, this was much less annoying than the first one Smiley

    That Mythbusters ad makes kittens cry. I mean, I'm kindof OK about Microsoft as a company, but it still sucks to see people you like shilling in an advert. I can imagine what the anti-microsoft lot will think of it - does anyone read slashdot any more? Smiley
  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    Re: Weekly

    I myself am still figuring out where to fit this in my weekly schedule, but I do think its worth tightening up.  We should probably pick different days for each "Weekly" show.  I'll send an email (and maybe it will show up on Ping!)
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Care to be more specific?  I doubt you lack examples......
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    dont get me wrong, i dont think you guys are slacking of or something Smiley what i mean is, why tie one self down to a schedule like that, all the c9 shows are relaxed and loose and creative and i personally find it hard to be creative on a tight schedule Smiley some weeks it might be 2 weeks of material coming and the next week you got nothing to work with.. also, if you're really bogged down with other stuff, it'd be sad if you guys get extra stressed because you 'promise' a show every week :/

    what i guess im trying to say is that i find the current model of weekly-ish pretty good but its kind of funny to call them 'weekly'
    however that really not a serious issue at all,again its just nitpicking..
    it just popped into my head Smiley

  • Adam KinneyAdamKinney Agent of Change
    I think since we're all reviewing content from the past week, the longer it takes to get episodes out the staler the info gets.  I'm going to shoot for Wednesday mornings right between Ping on Monday and TWoC on Fridays.  Should make it easier for you to digure what to expect and when.  Glad it doesn't bother you though Smiley
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    sounds good Smiley
    some time it would be cool to see a behind the scenes on channel9, how long does it take from redording to airing a show for instance? some shows like going deep seems to be shot well in advance and others like twoc i guess are shot pretty close to airing Smiley

    i know ive posted about it before but a schedule of upcoming vidoes would be great too Smiley even if some of them are just like a days notice ahead Smiley
  • I must say the best Microsoft commercial is this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFpwzg-AP_Q
  • ZeoZeo Channel 9 :)

    You should talk about http://www.istartedsomething.com/20090228/microsoft-office-labs-vision-2019-video next episode!

  • Funny you should mention that video- it was just sent to me by a few others as well...could make a good discussion for next week, thanks Zeo!
  • Much improved over episode one guys, I like it - it is like "this week on C9" but the segments are a nice addition.  And you get bonus points for having Adam on! Tongue Out
  • Streetattack, is that Patrick Swayze from the Chris Farley sketch on your tattoo? You are multiple hilarious.

  • I have not seen that one before but i have to agree......
  • Much better than the last one Big Smile If I was to complain about something in this episode it would have to be the very hard cuts... Think someone mentioned that it went a bit too fast during the techfest thing, but read your reason so guess that was ok. But, like the music, for example. The interludes. Especially the intro and the ending though. The intro ended a bit too abrubt I believe. Should maybe start fade down a bit before and fade out a bit longer? The ending was the most annoying though... Way to hard cut, haha. I was like, whaat? Not even a fade out? Was almost as annoying as that channel 9 ending that is in some various videos here... that psycho digital sound (can't explain it better) that suddenly starts, often in a MUCH louder volume than the rest of the video, freaking me out cause I have turned up my speakers for the rest of the video, and then its over.... aaanyways, i'm just nit-picking here Tongue Out Great job guys! Will continue to watch this one Smiley

    (Btw: VERY ANNOYING that the 'Add' and 'Cancel' buttons doesn't work in Opera!! Please fix!)
  • It looks like the show will be a nice complement to "This Week on Channel 9".
    Looking forward to watching it every week Smiley
  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
  • Erik PorterHuman​Compiler Now with more apps
    All dressed up in this episode.  Nice.  Tongue Out
  • ARGH! The video like the first one that I pointed out is still horribly interlaced, its unwatchable.
  • Hmmm...is anybody else having the same problem as biaachmonkie? All the files play fine on the several machines I've tried them on- and as far as I've heard nobody else is having problems viewing the show.

    biaachmonkie- do other C9 vidoes present the same problem for you?

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