Ping Episode 225 with RoomAlive, Transparent SmartCovers, Plex and NHL for xBox, OneNote Class and XIM!

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The Discussion

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    I'll send you some good KC BBQ Sauce/Rub if you do a PING show in the middle of a RoomAlive room.

    I'll bring you a bunch of great KC BBQ if you invite me to tag along...

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    @area code - 225 is Baton Rouge, LA;   226 is not a valid area code ;)

    @RoomAlive - I think that a zombie game like L4D2 would work well when you're clearing out rooms of the hotel in the beginning. 

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    It'd be a tough choice for RoomAlive between a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world (classic undead/Walking Dead style) or a swords and magic based fantasy realm.

    On my account Id...

    The short story - It's my initials, and most people that don't know me IRL just say the first three letters (so you'd say tee-gee-rrr).

    The longer story - Do you ever go to a site that wants an Id and your favorite Ids are taken? I got sick of that and most sites don't have an Id with the combination of my initials. Because of my name I also go by agrt and for sites that need a longer Id I use agrtga for where I live. Not terribly imaginative, but after 10x failed Id choices you stop caring what the Id is.

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    For RoomAlive I'd go to the star trek Bridge. It is a holodeck after all.

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