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This week , as always, Max and Laura observed and listened to what people here at Microsoft were buzzing about, what was on their minds and what they talked about at the water cooler.  Here is a recap of what was on the minds of Microsofties this past week. Topics include:

St. Patricks Day!
Clint Rutkas gets drunk programming
Live Messenger for kids
Hot new Hardware
Bill Gates is a Daddys boy

and giveaways! Who doesn't love a giveaway?




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    The Discussion

    • ColbyP
      Irish Car Bombs are my favorite, really the only mix of alchohol I'll consider wasting money on, and my first one was on the night I got a DWI-  Bought for me by a friend of a sibling that hadn't seen me since I was 16 or something like that.  I think it was the approximate 100 ounces of beer that got me though.  Honestly, I was driving clean, just fast.  But getting one sort of breaks your spirits afterwards and makes it harder to focus if you try again.  And I just realized how much Guiness stuff I have now, all the glasses at my apartment are Guiness glasses, I won a Guiness hand towl at a beer fest for speed chugging, and saturday I got a Guiness hat/shirt combo at Spencer's Gifts.  All I need is the actual product now.  And just one more thing, Happy Birthday!
    • jasuk1970
      What happened to Twitter?

      Damn, now I'm going to have to go to amazon uk to look for that mouse! (The sidewinder one) Love the re-charge while using feature.

      P.s. the voices seemed distorted during this show.

    • maxzuck

      I knew you guys would catch that (well, it's pretty obvious).

      Our sound levels got jacked up sky-high for unknown reasons... so I did my best to bring it down to the lowest annoying-ness possible, but there's nothing I can do about the clipping (which is what causes that distortion).

      My apologies, I hope it's still bearable Smiley.

    • intelman
      So can blutrack track on anything? I wonder how it is for gaming, how it would compare to a Razer Deathadder or something similar.
    • DanRevell
      This is pretty bad tbh. Trying to make technology look cool and young and hip and... *sigh*

      If you need this sort of spin on technology then you should reconsider why your interested in it
    • intelman
      Well, look at who uses technology. Certainly not the grandmas and grandpas (though some do). High School Students and College Students are some of the biggest users of technology....

      Trendy Cell Phones, Xboxes, Playstations, Flat Screen TVs, High Tech Cars (BMW M Series, Audi S or RS series)....

      Not sure what you mean by technology not being young and hip. It certainly is not old and ... not hip.

      To some extent it is kind of geeky, but so much of it is really cool.
    • Stilgar

      I've never seen a wireless mouse that is good for gaming. I play games on a high (competitive) level and it just does not work.

      Oh btw I hate computer games without violence. They make me violent.

    • maxzuck

      I am impressed with the X8 as it was the only wireless mouse I've tried without any lag that I could perceive... but I agree I mostly prefer wired.

      I'll talk to the team and see if there's a BlueTrack wired version coming out, I'd love that.

    • Charles
      Keep up the great work, Max and Laura! You know, we do talk about programming around the water cool, too. I have some stories for you Smiley

      Thank you for listening and implementing Niner feedback. But I'd expect no less from fellow Niners.

      Keep on pinging,
    • Deactivated User

      Comment removed at user's request.

    • Landover123
      It recharges during use?  That's great.  I need one, too.  LOL
    • pr3sidentsp​ence
      I'm enjoying the show, but someone needs to check the audio levels.

    • Laura10
      I know Mike...we had some audio troubles this week. We tried to fix them in post but only had moderate success. It should be better next week Smiley
    • Laura10
      Did anybody stay tuned to watch the blooper after the show ended???
    • pr3sidentsp​ence

      Should be better next week? That's what she said!

      Love your work on on10,


    • ColbyP
      That was cool seeing Bill Gates' dad introduce him too.  To be honest.

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