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    IE8 is great, the zooming is wonderful, the speed is mostly decent, and it has neat visual features like colored tabs. There are some issues though...

    Scrolling on Gamespot or Gametrailers or even wikipedia really has some choppy moments. I've filed the bugs at connect, got a lot of other betausers to file confirm if they experienced the issue, yet it still is not fixed Sad.

    Having said that I do use IE8 as my main browser, but when I come to a page that has some uber choppy scrolling action, out comes Chrome.

    That performance video that the IE team put out is really hard to believe. I agree that page loading is important, but in the javascript tests which I find more important IE gets killed. Live maps has a lot of javascript action going on, many webpages like Channel9 do as well.

    The IE team should be praised for IE8, it really is great, especially in their zooming feature (although scrolling a webpage with zoom in IE8 is truly horrible, when in Firefox and Chrome zoomed pages have great performance). Having said that though, they must be pressured into making a faster browser, I demand it as a consumer, and I am sure many others do as well.
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    Hi Laura and Max, Nice ping Episode.
    I have a suggestion for trivia, as you say 'prizes provided for 1st five correct answers' , but by the time I see this ping Ep. video , almost a day has passed in the other part of World and these people would have already participated in the trivia.  So why not give equal chances to all, and make it five winners chosen randomly.

    Also I liked all the videos shown related to IE8 , perf. video history of Net and had already downloaded those, num..num..num...num...  Smiley

    Now that its shown that IE8 is one of the fastest browser, its also the SAFEST BROWSER, check this comprehensive report :
    "Which web browser is the safest? Current trends show over 50% of malware infections occur via Internet download. During Q1, 2009 NSS Labs performed the industry’s first comprehensive test of web browser protection against socially engineered malware. This report examines the ability of six different web browsers to protect users from this leading threat. The results are based upon empirically validated evidence gathered by NSS Labs during 12 days of 24x7 testing of more than 154,000 individual tests."

    Download and Read the complete report at the above link.

    Also thanks for the twitter id, i am following you both now, if you want , you can also follow me at vasudev
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    Great idea, we'll do a random pick instead of first 5 Smiley
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    @Thanks Max !
    @Trix, Yes I read that, and this competition really shows the various exploits which are not divulged and its not let known to public. "All winners are asked to sign and agree to the general ZDI Non Disclosure Agreement, and the bugs will be turned over directly to the affected vendors."
    And already MS is working on it, "....MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) woke me up before my alarm went off this morning to let me know that they had reproduced and validated IE8 vulnerability discovered by the mysterious Nils........"

    So it will make the browser much better and Safer.
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    Chrome responds better than IE8 while both claim to use the same tab technology.
    I think u should make more code run in parallel...

    I also have MANY suggestions posted here.
    I hope I see them come true one day...

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