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It was wild times at Camp Ping this week and that is quite apparent, as you'll see, once you get into this episode. In the aftermath of MIX these are some of the diverse topics Microsofties were gabbing about.

Head Honcho Tweeters
Bill Clinton and MS love Polar Bears
Softie Fashion!
Microsoft gaming will never die

and more and more. Maybe even singing, yes, definitely singing:)




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The Discussion

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    Oh nice, global warming. That's might get ugly here pretty soon if the Coffeehouse is anything to go by lately. Tongue Out

    The thing about OnLive is that.. even if it works, it'll only work for the people where they've been able to put datacenters in the vincinity of. So that'd be a small part of the US, for starters. Unless they can cater to the whole of the US and parts of Asia or something within the next two years, I don't see it picking up steam. And that's all assuming that it actually works as well as they advertise, which I still doubt. I mean, how can the input lag possibly be bearable? I can't even turn on all the bells and whistles on my TV, because the tv's processing alone will cause too much lag between button presses and a resulting image onscreen.
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    PC Gaming > Console Gaming. That is all I have to say. I hope consoles die. Games are simplified when they move to consoles. FEAR 1 vs FEAR 2 is a perfect example. Since most companies do "game ports" the graphics suck, you can no longer "lean" beccause there is not enough buttons on controllers, they disabled parallax mapping which FEAR 1 had because of consoles.....

    I'd like to know what the "Games for Windows" division at Microsoft has to say about the future of Hardcore PC gaming.
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    'Lil Laura didn't fit in those shirts.
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    Nice Shirts!
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    I'm going to email you all the tech shirts I have, about five in fact
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    That would be stellar, thanks!
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    That's because they're made for normal sized people... and Laura is Irish, like a spikey blonde-haired leprechaun. Tongue Out
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    I love the chemistry between the two of you haha. PC World respectable? Yeah free softwear shirts!
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    i would love a shirt! its so difficult to get one here in Singapore. Smiley
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    I also would like to hav a shirt. Nice video series you have for Ping.
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    What's twitter?

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    Is that just me or is the audio out of sync? It's a little ahead of the video, about half to three quarters of a second, I'd guess.
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    Gotta love Ping... and the cool T-Shirts!
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    those other twitter sites seems really unneccesacry.. Smiley they should be a directory if corp, tweeters, not its own twitter imo Smiley
    as for onlive.. well.. as laura said, there was the phantom.. it worked so poorly it was never released Tongue Out

    sure onlive is diffrent as it does all its rendering on the back end, but thats ALOT of computing power.. considering the massive datacenters that run WoW, i find it hard to belive that such a system a) could scale, b) be competitive price wise, c) provide a good experience for the user..

    just from a visual standpoint, we're used to completly uncompressed, artifact free, super crisp graphics at 60+ fps.. no way they can maintain that fidelity and still compress enough to have low latency. and thats just the graphics, then theres the game logic and the sound processing.. their servers are going to fry Smiley

    every year this happens.. idiot journalists claim the death of the pc as a gameing platform.. this year they extended that to all the consoles Tongue Out they'll be as wrong this year as any other Smiley

    also, yay for proper live login at channel9 Big Smile
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    Pick me randomnly.

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    That was a good polar bear debate.  You know, you never can really tell with wild animals how they're going to react, Max.  And Laura, you're singing voice is so clear, I love it.
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    I feel the same way about many people in my life... Smiley
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    Ooh, shirt! Everyone needs shirts, even me for example.

    I also have the same problem as Laura that most stuff is just too big for me. They're either in women's (more like little girl size) or big bearded Linux geek size.
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    And let's not forget the "Ping..." game
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    I'm starting to get into this a bit more now I've watched it a few time, any chance you could change the title music to something less aggressive?

    What about a guest one week?
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    Thanks Ytterbuim Smiley We can definitely change the music - originally we were going to have a different song each week- maybe we will re-visit that idea. I am all in favor of having a guest on. And doing on-location pieces....we'll get there Smiley
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    I love the show, and I love geek shirts!  I need one that none of my geek friends has, and the retro ones look awesome!  I'll take one of the bearded linux geek sizes please and thank you...

    I like what you are doing so far (and I too love Twitter)  What's the internal buzz about Azure?
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    I've got some TechNet shirts...I had someone ask me what TechNet was when I went to the Zoo and I almost went into "geek" mode explaining what it was.  I was soooo embarassed!
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    Nice job with the outtakes - Max should audition for American Idol!!
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    hahahha- I love them. Max wants to kill me every time, but those are the perks of editing  myself!
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    I had to share this Polar Bear Video!

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    "The thing about OnLive is that.. even if it works, it'll only work for the people where they've been able to put datacenters in the vincinity of. So that'd be a small part of the US, for starters."

    Onlive's press conference said you needed to be within 1000 miles. I drew that out on Google Earth and one datacenter covers most of the US and a lot of the population centers of Canada.


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