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These Microsofties just won't stop talking- and it's about really great stuff this week. Here's a glimpse of some of the stories we captured:

April Fools @ Microsoft
....lots and lots of it
Silverlight & MySpace...BFF's
Don't hate on the Microsoft name

Oh, and yes I know it's "TV production 101" to not wear busy shirts (like with white stripes) on camera so I apologize in advance for my shirt that looks like you might be hallucinating. Sorry.



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The Discussion

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    Most innovative real product: ...Cleartype?
    Most innovative imaginary product: Mesh.
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    You guys/gals remind me of the old live hosts on Disney Channel (and I mean that in a good way) Smiley
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    I'll take that compliment! I always wanted to be a Mouseketeer Smiley
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    I wish the Surface Stove was real.  I eat out because cooking is so boring.  It's a sad excuse and I blame myself for my short attention span (almost a pun), but who wants to watch a pot boil when you can get it ready made.  Some would argue with me, but I still think it’s boring.

    As for hating on a brand, I'm not a huge fan of people who radiate negativity and I really don't pay attention to those folks.
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    I doubt there's many people that actually think they can effectively deny microsoft is a great company, and if they are they're probably extremely nerdy.  They probably create a new rank of nerdism.   And when I say nerd, I relate them analogiously to a dark wizard of technology and fantastical information.  Where a geek would be a white wizard of technology and fantastical information, for the record.
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    I'm confused... I use Mesh on a daily basis.  Am I living in an imaginary world?? Tongue Out
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    That depends how you define the Microsoft campus. Tongue Out

    The Mesh I was told about was innovative and amazing, and predicted great things for the future. The Mesh that I got to download was an overcomplicated file synching application.

    Hence, the fantasy Mesh demonstrated here at C9 is my pick for most innovative. The CTP or beta or whatever it was that us normal people got to use is not only not innovative, there are at least two products from Microsoft itself that do what it does, only easier.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I wish the Surface Stove was real.  I eat out because cooking is so boring

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