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    Deactivated User

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    I watch Deadliest Catch! You couldn't pay me enough to get on one of those boats - totally insane they are.
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    This might be the wrong time to bring up how miraculous a replacement good crabstick is to actual crab.  They probably don't have a Japanese version of the show is all I'm saying.  But they might have a fish version.  I'd watch it if it was hamachi.

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    I agree max, making the niner's kiss... that's just weird, especially since it's a clone. I think that's illegal in some states.

    Although that doesn't top your porn comment. Priceless.
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    The audio level for the Windows Mobile product manager interview is very low.
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    woo, im on ping Wink i stll think t-shirts with that quote could sell like hotcakes, inappropriate or not Smiley

    @skydrive stuff
    thats cool but what really needs to happen imo is a consolidation of mesh, skydrive and foldershare.. i mean they basically do the same thing : ) i'd merge skydrive and foldershare into mesh (mainly because i use mesh and not the others Tongue Out) one thing thats sucks about mesh though is the file conflict resolution :/

    @deadliest catch
    hey that show is cool : ) not as good as dirty jobs or mythbusters, but cool : )

    @nine guys kissing
    reminds me of the the simpsons episode's_Something_About_Marrying (i think thats the one, its a great ep anyways)
    where two homers kiss Tongue Out check out this (crappy) screenshot:

    good episode by the way Smiley c9 has been kinda quiet lately :/

    maybe i should have written c9 guys kissing instead.. "nine guys kissing" sounds a bit.. misleading..
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    Hah, thanks! Smiley
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    I don't know whether to be glad you guys pay so much attention, or....... well, I'll just be glad. Wink

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    A few comments:

    1. no more caffeine for Laura, sometimes it's hard to follow you.
    2. what do you guys do at Microsoft?  You really haven't covered that, you probably have on C10, but not here.  Are you developers, managers, evangelists, what does your business card say?
    3. porn.. porn.. porn.. haha.. yes, well some of us use our internet connection for other things, most of us use it to download explicit pictures.
    4. on the Windows Mobile thing, the thing that does make the iPhone awesome is that Apple does controls the entire experience.  Why doesn't Microsoft?  With it's billions of dollars, make their own phone, without the gluttony of telecom.

    what do you guys think?
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    1) Scarily, that's BEFORE her coffee.
    2) You want an answer here or in the next episode?
    3) All hail IE8's "in private" surfing mode Wink
    4) Quite often a debate heard amongst 'softies... the reality is we're a volume company that builds platform (most of the time... since yeah we do the Zune and Xbox, but those are different).  So we build Windows for a plethora of PCs rather than our own custom one.  And Windows Mobile runs on more types of devices than you can shake a stick at.  Is it annoying at times? Yes.  Does it have room for improvement? Absolutely.  But we do always trend in the positive direction...

    The super unofficial answer: if we made our own phone, what would stop hardware manufacturers from getting peeved and using an alternative OS?
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    i bet if microsoft did that they'd be called monopolist bast ards Tongue Out only apple is allowed to be that Wink (oh no he di'nt) however the argument that win mobile cant be upgraded because it runs on so many phones is a little strange imo.. what about windows? surely there are a heck of a lot more variants of pcs that windows run on? and windows can be updated just fine Smiley
    i think thats an issue with win mobile and its achitecture

    imo win mobil should be little more than a thin os layer with .net (compact or otherwise) running on top.. that way the ui or almost anything could be updated across a wide range of phones much easier

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    OK, this is my second time attempting a reply.. The last time, the site crashed.

    1. Thought so
    2. Sure, cover that in a separate episode.  Most C9 interviewees are asked who they are and what they do within the first 30 seconds of most interviews.
    3. Ha!  That is one feature I have not tried.  IE8 is still a bit slow for me.  If I leave tabs open and come back to them after a little while (10+ minutes), the browser is a bit sluggish
    4. Yes, I'm sure it is.  Microsoft is a platform company, however, most cellular providers don't care about allowing you to upgrade, they want you to buy a new phone and sign a new contract.  Most people don't realize that hardware is cheap.  Also, most phones you hear about with new amazing features are crippled by the carrier.  For example, I live in Canada, and my provider is Bell, and I cannot download ringtones from free sites because BELL blocks it.  Makes me so angry.  As for what would stop manufacturers from moving to a different OS, nothing.  What stops anyone from moving to a different anything, really nothing.  Or maybe, the ability to adapt and relearn what they currently know on the new device/OS.  But also, one could be said the BlackBerry is great for what it does.  It runs JAVA (sorry, I'll drop and give you 20), but it serves specific niche of users.  I've never really used a Windows Mobile phone for an extended peroid of time, but I Do have an iPAQ and it's the best darn MP3 player I've ever used!

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    This is annoying.  The page refreshes, makes Firefox have a seizure, and I lose my post.  Totally frustrating.

    Let's see if I can scrape together what I was typing before the world went away.

    I absolutely agree with you, anytime Microsoft tries to anything remotely nice, it's perceived as having ulterior motives and is usually thrown against the wall for nothing.

    I don't see Google or Apple having a site like C9 where they interview Senior Engineers about what they doing internally.  Actually when was the last time you heard anything from those guys.  Sure Google has a channel on YouTube but I can't remember a time when they interview someone for more than five minutes.  Most of the videos posted are advertising or instructional videos.  The only thing I've seen which remotely resembles a C9 interview was when the Engineers who created Chrome where interviewed.

    I don't think Google or Apple is as transparent as Microsoft.  Many people just can't get over old pain.  And if you say, well Microsoft doesn't open source their code, when the last time Google or Apple released anything they've done as open source?  Please tell me if you know.
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    Daniel Keymer
    Some part of me can't help but wonder if the show involves attacking their weak spots for massive damage.
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    Eric Havir
    Good episode. Kaz would love it.. giant enemy crabs!

    Laura, ditch the Q. It's time. Seriously.

    P.S. Check your volume. That clip on mobile hiring was so quiet.

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