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Ping 100: HaloFest, Kinect you in Carbonite, Talking to the wall, Ping celebrates 100!

22 minutes, 1 second


Right click “Save as…”

That's right folks- Ping is celebrating its 100th episode! We hope you enjoyed every one Smiley Here's some other stuff going on this week:

HaloFest at PAX

Kinect hacks: Carnbonite you

New wall technology


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  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Wow. 100 weeks of Ping. Where's does time go, anyway? Happy "Birthday"! Smiley


  • DerrickHDerrickH

    I've been a fan of Laura Foy from all they way back when she was on Psuedo. She makes Ping fun and keeps the show lively. I was kinda hoping she would recreate the final episode of 'Lilith and Eve' and beat the crap out of everyone on the 100th episode of Ping...maybe she's saving it for ep 200.

    Oh, and Paul is ok, too (Wait...was Paul the first guy or the current one? oh well, either way, tell him he's doing a good job).


    Congrats on episode 100! and I even got a shout out Smiley

    Oh yeah that extra s on the end was totally intentional, thanks for pointing that out Paul :/ Really though, no body likes a camper shame on you! Tongue Out


    Looking forwardsss to the next 100 shows.

  • Krzysztof Borowinskibukem One more whooper, please...

    Best episode so far! Guess that's because of a "chemistry" between Laura and Paul Wink

    BTW camping Paul, really? Tongue Out

  • I am a super fan of the show, and congratulations on making it to 100 episodes. I am seriously thinking about check out halofest. Looking foward for more.  

  • Wooohooo.... its 100th episode.. congrats PING Team..

    Keep Pinging us for next 900 episodes. Smiley

  • Signed headshots. Laura long hair suits you very well. Thanks for 100 wonderful epsiodes. Looking forward to the rest of the 899 episodes. Smiley

  • Dan FernandezDan

    Woohoo! Congrats on 100 shows!

  • Greg Braygbrayut Check out PhraseMeme Scanner for Windows Phone at ​PhraseMeme.​com

    Congrats on your centurion episode! Love the show, and the outtakes were awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • NetPantherNetPanther

    Congratulations on 100 episodes of Ping! Always enjoy watching your show and haven't missed a single episode yet. Keep 'em coming!

    Kind regards from Germany,

  • Laura if can't handle that dog please give it back to Paul Tongue Out

    (Which episode was it anyway)

  • falconwhofalconwho

    Wow! 100 pings. Keep up the good work to 1000.

  • 1000?

    Even if Microsoft would let you do it . . . would you really want to do ping for the next 18 years?

    Careful what you wish for.   Wink

  • I loved the outtakes. Did I hear Laura dropping the f-bomb? Wink

  • Watching Laura's hair grow over the last few months was maybe more interesting than the bloopers Smiley

  •  Congratulations!

    The best episode ever, and please don't cancel the show, I like it Sad

  • Just started watching the show a few months ago, hope it continues to 200! 

  • I thought the big "100" prop would get lit on fire at the end.  Congrats anyway.

  • Alan BurchillAlan Burchill

    Laura is Cool... that other guy is ok...

  • Someone passed along this show to me.  Pretty cool.  I love any scraps of information I can get about the Upcoming festivities at PAX.

  • Here's to the next 100!! 

    Been hooked since about #45, and it's always great to watch a new Ping every week.

  • Andrew Richardswindev Andrew Richards

    Woohoo! Congrats on 100!

  • Dan J RudiakDan J Rudiak

    97th! (LOL) I'm a new viewer, probably started about 11 episodes back or so, but find the 'cast really kewl. Happy 100th!

  • funniest show yet!  Big Smile I always watch Ping every Monday. It's like a mini soap opera to me. 

  • Congrats on 100 episodes Laura and Paul.  I always look forward to Monday evenings just for this show.  Hopefully this show will last a long time and people will look back at Laura and Paul as a premier duo, that they will be in the same category as Roger and Ebert, Starsky and Hutch, and Siegfried and Roy, 

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or


    26th post!



    Channel 9 is pretty much place aimed for developers and tech-savvy guys, I guess. I do not really expect ordinary folks who are actually patient enough to watch some videos on Channel 9. Ping Show, to me, is pretty much extraordinary compared with other shows. I felt so relaxed with the way Laura Foy and her partner presented the show. I’ve to say that I did not find any information relevant to me in this episode of 100. Still, it marked a significant moment for Ping Show, I guessed.


    Going forward, I did not expect Laura Foy or others can remain in Ping Show forever. How long will this show last in the coming months or years? Will Channel 9 find replacement for hosts in the future? Even though Ping Show will certainly not last forever, I sure hope it can last as long as it can.


  • Brent MorrisBrentMorris​RTP Living the Dream

    Thanks to all the staff (over time) that have made this show happen. I enjoy the show, the topics covered - and of course the video cuts of photos, audio comments & music videos. Congrats to all.

     And RTP stands for Research Triangle Park (ref. Show 98)  

  • CozzamaraCozzamara

    Congrats on the 100th episode!

    Paul, I propose an episode dedicated to KP... ;-)

  • RyoushinRyoushin Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas

    Happy birthday Ping, keep it young!

  • 100 episodes already? Congratulations to everyone on the Ping team!


  • The one show I allways have to see !

    Keep up the good work ♥


      ____                             _     __      __     
    /\  _`\   __                      /' \  /'__`\  /'__`\   
    \ \ \L\ \/\_\    ___      __     /\_, \/\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \  
     \ \ ,__/\/\ \ /' _ `\  /'_ `\   \/_/\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
      \ \ \/  \ \ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \     \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \
       \ \_\   \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____ \     \ \_\ \____/\ \____/
        \/_/    \/_/\/_/\/_/\/___L\ \     \/_/\/___/  \/___/ 

  • DarkSilenceDarkSilence

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  • happy birthday and thanks you very much.. Good job
    Ping 100 Wink


    Happy 100.

    The only way to learn is through our mistakes.

    Keep on learning.

  • Lee TimminsLee Timmins

    Congrats on your 100th episode.

  • Have been watching ping since ep. ~30 and finally got I reason to comment. Angel

    Congrats on the 100th & keep up the good work!

  • Gigity Gigity
    Gigity Goo!

    Ping is the best thing about Tuesdays.

  • Another thing I noticed watching those old videos is that the audio got better this year. I guess someone found some equipment that can handle Laura's enthusiasm.

  • Congratulations on the 100th episode. Loved the outtakes!!  Tongue Out

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    Congratulations to Laura and Paul for episode number ONE HUNDRED! Big Smile The outtakes was just awesome, allmost fell of my chair ;D Too bad you didnt won the niners award thing, I was TOTALLY sure you would win!

    - Martin

  • SteveSteve

    Congrats on 100. The outtakes were great!

  • Congratulations on the 100th episode! Love the show, keep up the good work!

    - Marko

  • daviddavid

    The 4th episode was awesome, viva pinata

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    If I win you are all invited to my place for a Ping! Marathon.  I’ll make popcorn.


  • craigcraig

    100!! nice work. I have been watching since around episode 30, tempted to go and watch the first 30, but not that much :-). seriously though great show, keep it up and I will be watching still at 200.

    thanks again

  • Dave Williamsondavewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!

    somehow the apathybutton must be integrated into the comment counting.  great show g(uy|al)s.

  • JapNJapN

    Way to go on 100 shows!! Here's to another 100.

  • congrats on the 100 episode and I am sure that we will be able to get to the 1000th show.

    Keep up the great work and can't wait to get a signed head shot from Paul (NOT!!!!!).

  • Probably not the most educational of the 100 Ping episodes...

  • sgasga

    Jiiihhaa - Congratulations on the 100th episode.
    viele liebe grüße aus Deutschland :)

  • wayneJKwayneJK

    I always enjoy watching the show, it's like hanging out with geeky friends. And I mean that in the best way possible. Here's to another 100!

  • Congratulations on your 100th episode!

    I loved the outtakes.

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    Fifty sixth! No really great show as always, I enjoyed every episode of this show and are looking forward to the next 100 episodes!

    Really great great content and humor. Keep up the good work and congratulations!

  • John EgbertJohn Egbert

    Congradulations on 100 episodes. Looking forward to many more.

    You should make bobble heads of each of you for the desk.

  • Congrats on making it this far. Now, if the next 100 episodes could be on a more consistent schedule, that would be appreciated. Wink The bloopers make me miss Max even more!
  • MattMatt

    Congrats on reaching 100 episodes guys! Keep the awesome work going :)

  • OtyqOtyq Stardi

    Thanks for your show. After watching nearly all 100 episodes it's still a lot of fun. Keep it going and Laura please let Paul finish his sentence from time to time. 

  • Congratulations on #100! The show is always entertaining to watch (or at least have playing in a background tab Wink ). Can't wait until the exciting conclusion on episode #999!

  • Jochem Bökkersjbokkers color coding M&M's

    Congrats on the 100th!

    Paul: "And see how the last 10yrs of Halo was just the beginning" and Laura dropping Bungie in there... you guys care to share the scoop on episode 101 ?  

    Keep it up from the Netherlands and if you can bug some Zune folks so we can finally add this awesome show to our Zune software!


  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    Congratulations!  Hope to see many more episodes. 

  • Congrats on a 100 Cool

  • Thomas MThomas M

    Yahoo, 100. Congratulations.

  • The two of you are completely insane, which is the only reason I watch the show.  At first I tuned in (somewhere in the 40s) to get the scoop on MS tech stuff then I realized it was so much more fun to watch you make fools of yourselves... in a good way of course Wink

    It's amazing how many people will comment for free swag.  Keep it coming.

    Oh yeah, congrats on reaching 100!!!

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    Laura, Paul (who's ever those other guys are called. Max, Adam and Tina) congratulations on producing at least 100 episodes. 

    I heard that the series is being cancelled because Laura managed to hit the camera.   Crying

  • Frank La VigneFrankLaVigne Wow. Such code. Much IoT. Wow

    Congratulations on you're 100th episode.

    Blooper reel is funny. Sounds like you forgot to hit the sensor button. Smiley

    It was fun to see the puppy dog again. too.



  • Congrats on Episode 100!! Enjoyed the outtakes. +1 for the free swag. Keep'em rolling. 

  • Congratulations on the 100th episode! Love the show! For the next 100 episodes Paul needs to tell a joke at the end of each episode! Wink

  • rhmrhm

    Congrats on your 100th episode of PING! (caps to simulate Laura's voice)

    My favourite episodes were 16, 43, 71 and of course 100.

    It's been a long, stange journey. I feel like I now know Laura like a sister, Paul like a kid brother and Max like that cousin that disappeared one week and neither our parents nor uncles or aunts would answer any questions about.

    All the best for the next 100 shows!

    p.s. Laura, why did you get such a big frickin' dog? Smiley


    , Adam​Speight2008 wrote

    Laura, Paul (who's ever those other guys are called. Max, Adam and Tina) congratulations on producing at least 100 episodes. 

    I heard that the series is being cancelled because Laura managed to hit the camera.   Crying

    Ha ha, I don't think we need to worry, I think that was CGI added in post-production Tongue Out

  • Very good show, as always ! Congratulations ! Go for 200 !


  • Thanks guys for all the laughs, keep up the good work Smiley

    let hope we can get to 100

  • Great job on 100 shows! Ping always provides me plenty of entertainment (I mean updates) at work!

    Thanks for the laughs and some stories that I can use to legitimize watching at work.

  • DanDan

    Happy 100 Ping! keep it real and stay frosty!

  • Congratulations from France for the 100th ! 

    Paul, stop camping  Big Smile

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    @IRB: I think Paul twittered something anuther about it.  Wink

  • congrats on making it to 100 shows, the content was a little on the light side, but the props more than made up for it Expressionless

    the best part was Laura dropping the f-bomb on SQL.

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    A big box, yeah, I can have make a fort to play in or bus to drive. 

  • Episode 0b1100100!  Careful, any autonomous Kinect bot may have ambitions to host a show.

  • Keep up the great work. Smiley

  • Deactivated UserDeactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

  • michelgeekmichelgeek

    Yay! 100th episode!

    So funny all the way to this big number. Congratulations!

    Greetings from Brazil!

  • JoBooJoBoo

    Great episode #100. Loved the bloopers - especially Laura dropping the F-bomb at 18:48 :P

  • Thank you for the great podcast. Congrats on the 100th episode. And I look forward to many more episodes from both of you.

  • wp7betterthaniOSwp7betterth​aniOS

    Watched all 100 episodes, you guys make Microsoft have a personality! that's something very hard to achieve!

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    grats Smiley  also fun to see so many niners posting that you dont see usually Smiley

    the outtakes where hilarious;) the missed bleep was especially fun for some reason.. i guess i like  swearing Tongue Out

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    He could rename the save show episodes to hex values and still have room for another 3996.

  • Almost there !

    Happy 100-est show ! 

    I like the chemistry between Paul and Laura which totally is missing during "Boys Without Foys" aka "Boring guys".  Sorry Paul Wink.

    PS: I hope you meant 100 unique posts.

  • Happy 100th show!

    Love the shows, the banter and the guests, keep up the good work guys!

  • Congratulations on the 100th episode!  Keep up the good work.  I always have a good time enjoying the shows at work to make the work day a little less crazy.  Smiley

  • Congrats on the 100th episode! I suggest Laura vs Paul Halo match for episode 101 Smiley

    Look forward to more.

  • Congrats on the 100th episode.

    I feel you guys will make it to 1000 episodes Angel

    Thanks for all the great content / news!

  • Congrats on making it to the 3 digits mark. Looking forwards to ep 999.

    The show is always legen... wait for it... dary.


  • Congrats on 100th episode, well I would love to get signed head shot Tongue Out

  • Great show. Congrats on making it to 100. Looking forward to 100 more!

  • Congrats on making it to 100 episodes!  I love the topics and the off-topics on this show!

  • John SpanoJohn Spano

    Love the show, congratulations on 100!

  • JamieJamie


  • alexdreskothealexdres​ko I'm not a player, I just code a lot.

    100th pong!?!?!?!?! I've been sitting here for quite a while waiting for 99 to roll around. Seems like it stalled on 96 comments for a while, so I bet I'm not the only one refreshing the page every couple of minutes. Smiley

    I still watch every episode of Ping, but I don't get to comment as often because I usually watch the show via the podcast feature on my 7 phone.

  • Just finished the episode. Another great show. Look forward to another 100 more!

  • alexdreskothealexdres​ko I'm not a player, I just code a lot.

    And yes, I had that comment pre-written and ready to be copy/pasted into the box when 99 showed up. Smiley


    , thealexdres​ko wrote
    I still watch every episode of Ping, but I don't get to comment as often because I usually watch the show via the podcast feature on my 7 phone.

    That Channel9 app on WP7 is excellent, but thats the reason I stopped using it. I couldn't view/add any comments.

  • Nice job everyone, keep up the good work!

    Also, thanks for the 'ping' back to the good old Halo talk.

  • Loved the past 100 episode and looking forward to 10,000 more episodes of Laura and Paul.. or Lauopaul. GO PING!

  • Javier SolisJavier Solis

    Hey guys great show! This is probably my fifth show but definitely got hooked. Its great you showed the past shows now I'm caught up. Look forward to the next batch of shows. Oh and I think Paul was definitely messing with his nipples. You don't have to lie everyone does once in a while lol.

  • Great outtakes.  "See that ... we're semi-humorous Smiley "

    Looking forward to many more shows.

  • Sadly, I didn't catch this yesterday.  Good episode!

  • Are you guys going to give away the pingñatas as consolation prizes?

  • Lexnnblanen I delete what?

    I would like the signed photos of all the Ping! hosts, Laura, Paul, Adam, and Max.  Might even pay given you a few gamer points for it.




  • MeLongerMeLonger

    Go Paul GO... watch some PUA material, so that you'll better control Foxy lady. ,)

  • Congrats!!!  Keep up the good work.


  • congrats PING Team..

    Keep Pinging us for next 1,00,00,00,000 episodes. Smiley

  • Commenting late because I've been sick. Normally watch it the day the show comes out. Congrats on the long run, and looking forward to the next 100.

  • saidinartssaidinarts You know sometimes I amaze even myself. - Han Solo

    I always look forward to your show - one of the best on Channel 9.  Keep of the good work at bringing us the news from MicrosoftLand.

  • Aww, got passed 100 - totally wanted an epic nine guy Sad

  • Kamallraj AsokaKamallraj Asoka

    damn i m late :(
    hopefully when you reach 200 i'll be within the 200 :D (i know you'll touch the 200+ mark soon)

  • What? Already past 100 comments.
    You all cheapskates, hogging the comments for some swag. Tongue Out

    Boohoo... I blame the WP7 team for no over-the-air podcast downloads. Syncing with PC has cost me a chance of that box! Maybe the next 100 can compete for a date with Foy. You can have a Boy with Foy episode.Big Smile

    Anyhoo, congratulations! On to the next 100 now.  

  • It seems like Laura was drunk at the episode where Paul did play with his nipple...

    Maybe they had a drink or two before the show Big Smile

    gz from Germany



    , baxiabhishek wrote

    What? Already past 100 comments.
    You all cheapskates, hogging the comments for some swag. Tongue Out 

    I think everyone who comments and sends an email will get some shwag! I'd imagine they set a minimum limit of getting 100 comments, not that it would be a cut off. No harm in tying though.

  • shoot! already past 100 comments! I guess they are all commenting because the love the show and not the gifts that may be receive after the comments, great show Laura and Paul, I think I have been watching you folks as from ep. 80 or something - its the best! something I realized as we saw the bloopers - Laura's hair has been growing  but she stopped dyeing it!! (boring)

    so what happened to the ping-ñatas(piñatas)? nothing was done to them or is the show rated G

  • First of all a BIG Congrats !!!!

    Its great to see my favorite program completing the century ! I not only love the contents of the program but love the name 'Ping'

    I have been a regular and have watched and downloaded all of your episodes. I had downloaded this episode 3-4 days back but somehow was late in watching this and now the comments count has already shot 100, please -please include me even after that. I desperately need a Channel9 Ping Swag ! Check my profile name even , I'm a big fan of channel9.

    Wishing the Ping team in front of the camera and behind the camera all the very best to carry on and on and dish out such great episodes.

    I hope Paul keeps on RT what Laura tweets Smiley



  • JustinJustin

    Been quite pleased with the enthusiasm both of you display toward Microsoft products. Am always appreciative of all the news you provide of upcoming goodies. Great job with the first 100 episodes. Looking forward to the next hundred :)

  • JulioJulio

    damit i missed it

  • Congrats on 100 shows. 

    Still waiting for minesweeper fest.

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