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    Today I got this Achievement: "Go Ape Shiv!" while playing Halo 2 from the Master Chief Collection. I was slicing threw an enraged Brute using an energy sword.

    I have to say that Halo the Master Chief Collection is a great game! Four games in one. It has been an excellent value for the money I have spent to buy it. Many many hours of superb game play. Destiny doesn't even come close to being half the game of what Halo is.

    Does any one want to be my friend on Xbox? I would like to try and play Halo co-op on xbox live if that is possible to do. Share your gamertag and ill friend you.:D


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    I would rely like for Skype to sort out there app instead of creating new ones, I have a windows phone and a surface 2 and the Skype app is one of the worse apps on any of the devices it crashes all the time it does not respond correctly, it does not wake up from sleep mode, I don't have this issue with any other app on any of the devices.

    It's a shame that an app from Microsoft works better on IPhone and IPad than it works on a Microsoft devices.

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    Im sure the Channel 9 Xbox One app has some achievements that I'd love to get...  :)

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    Where's the love for the PC gamer? We're part of the Microsoft ecosystem too.

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    , tgrt wrote

    Where's the love for the PC gamer? We're part of the Microsoft ecosystem too.

    On PC, I'm still playing a lot of Dota 2, Hearthstone, and some Civilization: Beyond Earth.  But the cheevos aren't the same :)

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    John Visio MVP

    A strong reason to use SkyDrive -
    If you work with someone who has mastered the art of Clausing a laptop.

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