RealWorldIT -The App for That! 101 of SharePoint Apps (2nd of 5)

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The Discussion

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    Ed Ferron
    Good talk. Short to the point and very useful. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the presentation, I learned some new things

    Why were 3 tiles blue and 1 yellow?

    Where can we get additional icons for tiles?

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    @dlgross: Thank you so much for your comment! Answers to your questions: Regarding the icons, 3 tiles are using transparent backgrounds, and 1 tile was made with a solid color background. You can see this better at this point in the video; 3:30. Regarding additional tiles, I also share the software I used to make my transparent background tiles on the lower right of the slide at this point in the video: 17:05. Enjoy, and please come back and visit us again! :)

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