RealWorldIT -The App for That! 101 of SharePoint Apps (2nd of 5)

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In this Part 2 of a 5 part series Audrie will be showing you new ways to use the Promoted Links App, and give you other ideas on how to maximize many apps that are available in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint on Office 365 right out-of-the-box! Don't miss this video post where you'll get fresh ideas --even if you've been using Promoted Links for a while! Then come back soon for Part 3 - where Audrie will explore Store Apps, with a focus on "Access" driven apps!

This is level 100 content for SharePoint enthusiasts and is presented by Audrie Magno-Gordon, Microsoft Certified Office Specialist for SharePoint 2013 who currently is working in Microsoft IT in the Seattle area. 

Comment below this video and ask Audrie to review your favorite Office App.

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The Discussion

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    Ed Ferron
    Good talk. Short to the point and very useful. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the presentation, I learned some new things

    Why were 3 tiles blue and 1 yellow?

    Where can we get additional icons for tiles?

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    @dlgross: Thank you so much for your comment! Answers to your questions: Regarding the icons, 3 tiles are using transparent backgrounds, and 1 tile was made with a solid color background. You can see this better at this point in the video; 3:30. Regarding additional tiles, I also share the software I used to make my transparent background tiles on the lower right of the slide at this point in the video: 17:05. Enjoy, and please come back and visit us again! :)

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