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    Please, if there is a God in heaven, by all things holy and if the pope really is a Catholic, hear my prayer. Because others have listened but nobody else can respond further and I am literally out of options and cannot proceed with any SQL Server database development because I rely on the SSMS Diagramming tools which for SSMS 2014 and SSMS 2016 are non-functional against SQL Server 2014 DevEd or SQL Server 2016 DevEd; some type of replicable bug that does not generate call stack errors on Windows 10 Pro; a brand new clean machine which I swear with hand on the good book has not allowed me to work since December 11th wasting week after week after week.

    Endless cycles on install/uninstall/reinstall to no end. Posts to SQL Server Manageability Forum bit.ly/2iLhTAb which has resulted in what Lin LengMicrosoft contingent staff, Moderator determind is a reproducible bug after scrutiny of cab and log files OneDrive Share: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AreRPs-0s872-G4ozuGMlWefOK6k

    A post to Connect bit.ly/2jzoOkl  ID 3118887

    And a dogged determination to even try to spend many hours reinstalling Windows 10 and starting fresh if not for the trembling fear and uncertainty that yet another two or more weeks of my time will not result in a failure that is mine to suffer but not mine to own.

    Surely I and any others are worth more than two-cents when I (we) know there are people on the SQL Server engineering team that know what is occuring with SSMS and how to make it right because common sense suggests this has something to do with SSMS being reliant on Visual Studio and I (we) surely are not going to be Ballmerized all over again to learn our jobs are being lost because two groups of Microsoft engineers do not want to talk to one another.

    -- Clinton Gallagher

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