Designing Excel Solutions for the Web: Part 1

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The Discussion

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    Tony Clews

    Is it possible for you to add captions as I am deaf? I want to understand more about excel but no videos are available for people like me.

    How about making this accessible for everyone?


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    For the life of me I can't get this video to run smoothly.

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    @Tony Clews: Hi Tony, I have passed your request on to the C9 team. Please see my blog post here,, and here,, for the Excel resources that I have just recently posted to MSDN in support of these two videos.

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    Where can I find a developer who can create the same sort of embedded Excel/Sharepoint website as the "Designing Excel Solutions for the Web" video?

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    David Larkin

    Hi Donovan,
    Like Tony, I am Deaf and would love to see the captions too. Hoping that the C9 team does follow up on this request.


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