Learning Silverlight and Blend with .toolbox (Silverlight TV #29)

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In this episode, Arturo Toledo demonstrates all of the new content he and his colleagues have created to teach you to design and develop with Expression Blend and Silverlight. He shows off some really cool samples, all of which you can download and do yourself through hands on-labs. Arturo walks through the .toolbox site and shows the numerous learning materials, videos, demos, and hands-on labs. If you have been looking for a comprehensive set of self-paced learning materials focused on designing  with Expression Blend, you should definitely watch this video and check out .toolbox.

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The Discussion

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    I have completed the .toolbox courses and strongly recommend them all.  They are a great way to build a basic skill set that allows you to move forward.  As I build more skills, I find myself returning to the lessons as references.

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    Great, didn't know about .toolbox.  Thanks.

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    Neat site. I've wanted to learn more about the theory of design.

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    Nice to see this is available for free, great resources, I can't wait to get starting with the courses

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     Arturo, i wanted to say thanks for you and your team for doing such a great work on Toolbox!

    You sure helped my lacking design skills to be a little bit better Wink

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    Yes, you won't find this somewhere else. Thanks a lot!

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    Thank you for the kind words guys! - Stay tuned because @adkinn Adam Kinney has joined the party and is now a co-owner of .toolbox.  If you are a fan of his work then you can imagine the cool things he'll be bringing into .toolbox shortly.

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