Silverlight TV Episode 1: The Joys of Trusted Out-of-Browser Applications

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The Discussion

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    Since I'm using Silverlight on a daily base, I looking forward to this series. Nice Cool

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    Great first show and look forward to future episodes.


    Just one suggestion: Can you put the "Media Downloads" section underneath the video? I missed the fact a download version was available because it was there way down the page from the "in page" video in the right-hand column. At its default "in page" resolution the screencast is impossible to read and on other videos the download options are usually much more visible directly underneath the video.




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    Ian - I will share that with the team. I think what happens is that the lengthy introduction post pushed everything down. So in other words, future shows won;t have this problem since they will have short posts. Smiley But either way it would be nice to have the links directly below the video.


    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Loved the relaxed atmosphere and the honest presentation. Those goofs in starting the application from the debugger are very useful because we will all hit them, and seeing what to do is just as useful. Very nice! Thanks John for this great idea.


    Now if you guys would only stop teasing us with this MIX will the awesomest thing ever, ever.... (just kidding, but the anticipation is building.)



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    Ben Hayat

    John, well done man! I liked the mood and perhaps it could be longer to cover more and deeper stuff. I'd rather see these series to be more on education side than marketing side.


    It was also great that you notified us on the Insiders today. Please remind us for the next ones as well.

    For future, as Prism 4 and MEF beome more integrated, it'd be great to have some sessions on Prism+MEF+RIA




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    David - Thanks for the feedback


    Ben - We are planning some deeper looks into more advanced topics as well as panel discussions (from questions posed from viewers on Twitter). But first we have some introductory topics. So the theme is basically "everything Silverlight" and we will have several series of topics so beginners and experts alike can find something that interests them.


    Thanks for watching!

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    Very good show! I learned a lot! Also very good that you didn't try and cut off the show or retape it because the demo didn't work immediatly because it might be something developpers run into. Great show!

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    Ben Hayat

    John, I like your new title: "Silverlight Shaker" Smiley

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    Ironically, silverlight is not compatible with my sound card, or my soundcard is not compatible with silverlight.



    That fix worked. Someone should probably fix that, it was a bad experience. Asus or Microsoft.


    I do like this show though.

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    I love the format of the show.  It's short, sweet, and the mistakes are still in there ... so it's not just an info-mmercial.


    I want to see the test cases/experiments of the Silverlight team trying to incorporate XNA (the 3D parts) or WPF 3D into Silverlight.


    Thanks In Advance.



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    Jorge Levy

    As a workaround you can donwload the wmv file, clicking right mouse button and selecting 'Save target as...' option. Function will be available just in the play button in the image cover...

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    Burkholder - Thanks for the feedback. We like our mistakes too ... makes the show more realistic. We all encounter these things so it's nice to see it unscripted.


    Maybe we should have named the show "Silverlight Unscripted" Wink

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    Great show Silverlight TV.

    great job Jpapa

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    Is there any way to download the code of the out-of-browser / powerpoint application ?

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