Silverlight TV 12: The Best Blend 3 Video Ever!

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You never know what hijinks are in store when Adam Kinney and John get together. In this episode, Adam makes his theatrical return to Silverlight TV and claims to have filmed the best Expression Blend 3 video ever! Adam demonstrates:
  • sketching with SketchFlow
  • importing images
  • path conversion to elements
  • sample data
  • editing item templates
  • data binding
  • behaviors
  • effects
  • visual states
  • easing

This is a great and very practical demonstration of Blend 3 from the Expression Evangelist himself.

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The Discussion

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    Very nice! Lots of valuable tips! 

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    Very good!  Any details regarding release and/or features of Blend 4?

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    Thanks!  Nothing to share yet on Blend 4, the latest release is still the Blend Preview for .NET 4 from PDC09.

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    Great video guys! FWIW, I think Adam and John both have a wonderful voice!

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    ecofriend - Thanks. Adam had to suffer through me losing my voice in this video a few times due to a cold I can't shake. But it did not stop this from being the BEST BLEND 3 VIDEO EV-UH! Smiley

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    Hey as if you guys don't know this like 100,000 times over ....


    we are all looking for a new drop of silverlight 4 for VS 2010 any day now.... so like get on it guys... we need them bits .... crack the whips or pay more overtime or can we send in more pizza and soda to the team ???

    Big Smile

    to the tune of "I want my MTV"

    I Want My ... I want my SL4

    ....  cue in Dire straits ...


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    Blend is such a dense product, I remember when I first used Visual Studio, I'm still learning about it.  Are there videos posted online for Blend?  Maybe I'm just not Binging hard enough Smiley


    Also, could you guys also release 720p MP4's as well?  It would make the bus ride home easier, instead of converting the WMV to MP4 first for my iPhone.



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    ChrisStepaniuk - There is an iPhone version of Silverlight TV that you can download from this page. Or, you can subscribe to Silverlight TV from iTunes. It is an approved podcast Smiley

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    Yes, happy to help.


    This is a link to the series of Blend tutorials that cover a lot of what was shown in the video:


    Otherwise check out Arturo's post which has links to starter kits that include video tutorials:


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    Maybe it should be "I want my, I want my, I want my SLTV" Smiley


    Adam could sing it for the show.

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    well John thats true also the shows are very good overall so far....

    but IMHO  we have a "watershed" moment coming this year when all the parts are falling into place:

    VS 2010

    .Net V4

    WPF V4

    SIlverlight V4



    EF V4


    I see a very great possiblity for getting all of them to "Main stream" so to speak.

    I have been working for months now to get my boss and our main client to see SIlverlight as a good platform that can replace some of our web page based management software. with things like MEF and EF and the way SIlverlight works I really want to make the move.

    I keep looking at RIA stats .com to see the adpotion numbers and how they look.

    and I have done some small "test" apps that are showing them some of what can be done.

    also by the way i saws that V4 seems to have adopted some updates to the business / navigation templates related bits.

    I was telling Tim and some others about my view on the need to link navigation to authorization so that i can build a menu / nav that is able to refuse to show a view if the user does not have rights to it. I like how one silverlight author used the RIA service auth concept of using attributes on a nav-page class ... so that in addtion to adding permissions to service methods one could also put limits on the pages themselves.


    SO yeah I am very eager to get SL V4 up and running ..... I like the stuff so far .... keep it coming!  Smiley


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    If i may quote simpson's comic book guy: "Best Episode E-v-e-r" Cool

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    Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out once iTunes finishes installing Smiley

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    Thanks, exactly what I'm looking for.  You are a star!

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    Awesome video! Very helpful.

    Is Blend 4 coming out anytime soon? Sometime this year?

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    You can also use Zune to subscribe to it. Smiley

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    Nice job guys, and very entertaining as well!  You two are hilarious together.  I wish I was coming to MIX to get more...


    Thanks for putting on all of these informative shows, John.  I'm currently traveling around Southeast Asia (Bangkok now), and these make it much easier to keep up to date on all of the Silverlight/Blend related skills I'm missing out on back home.



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