Silverlight TV 21: Silverlight 4 - Customer Perspectives

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Live from the official launch event for Silverlight 4, John talks with a panel of guests who build applications using Silverlight. Franck Jeannin of Ormetis, Ward Bell of IdeaBlade, and Dave Wolf of Cynergy Systems discuss both what they showed in the keynote at DevConnections and their experiences with Silverlight. This is a great discussion of their perspectives on Silverlight and the competitive landscape with Flash and HTML 5 for their respective companies.


All 3 of these guests presented during the Silverlight 4 launch keynote alongside Scott Guthrie, so be sure to check out their presentations from this link.

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The Discussion

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    John, your web site has a contact form that does not work.



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    Thanks for the heads up. I tis a known issue with my personal email provider. I actually get the emails, it just tries to send to too, which fails.

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    LOL.....   that's great, i can guess that you just have to many other things to do that get a higher priority.

    i know how that is - my own domain is stuck at where i left it like i guess a year back....

    just never get to it.


    I finally got the sample login and register form broke down to where i now have a login only form for my app.


    now i am working on some menu and UI layout... i found SLaB and i hope i can use some of the code in it to do the blocking un authorized users from opening a page / view.

    looks like david poll has done some good code for the view loaders for the navigation framework.

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    The navigation framework on slab doesn't work for me on sl4 Crying


    But i agree his work on it looks awesome !

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    Nk54, send me an e-mail through my webpage, and I'll try to help you get up and running Smiley

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