Silverlight TV 22: Tim Heuer on Extending the Silverlight Media Framework

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Tim Heuer demonstrates how to use the Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) to create a nice media experience akin to what has been demonstrated through the 2010 Winter Olympics and Sunday Night Football players. He also demonstrates how to encode smooth streaming video using Expression Encoder and play the video using SMF. 

Tim also shows how he extended the SMF implementation and created a player to suit his specific needs (including not using DVR, among other features). He cracks the code open and shows how he extended the SMF to add custom features so the video does not start until it has a chance to buffer (about 3 seconds). Tim also added the ability to pass a parameter to the SMF player to indicate if it should automatically load the video or if the video should use smooth streaming.


Lastly, Tim gives us a glimpse into some of the features that the team is looking at adding for SMF v2.

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The Discussion

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    What a great show. I like the format - nice and short! Please do more of these mini topics. I do find it a little ironic that you're talking about smooth streaming high quality video, and the channel 9 supply of this video is too low quality to see the code Tim is showing.


    Couple of options might be to suggest that the speaker use ZoomIt or [WIN][+] to zoom in on code. Then during the play back, code would be legible for viewers. I know the code is there for download, so I don't want to come across as a complaint machine, but I do think it would make for a better broadcast. Another option would be to stream a higher quality video, but I understand this option might cost more, and be out of your control.


    Zoom it baby!


    Thanks for the time and energy - I know these are not easy to create/produce/publish. Keep up the good work!


    -- @ScottCate

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    Scott - Thanks for the feedback. We do shoot the videos at a high resolution but the size of the video is pretty daunting. The Channel 9 team is working on to get smooth streaming in place so I beleive you'll have a much better UX when it rolls out.


    Your comment about zooming in to look at code is noted. I will recommend that we do that in the future.

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    You can also download the high resolution WMV file and watch the episode in Window Media Player (select WMV High from the Media Downloads dropdown on the bottom-right of the C9 SL player). The file used by the player is not the high res version due to size, as John mentions (people on slow connections would have to deal with too much buffering...).

    ZoomIt is a great piece of technology and a great idea for video-based code demos.


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    Charles is right .... and I'm spoiled since I watch the highest res versions Smiley

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    <Embarrased />


    Why didn't I think of the download option? I just downloaded it, the WMV High, and it's perfect. No need for zooming even. This is the option I was looking for. Thank you!


    For the future, smooth streaming might know that I have high available bandwidth, and would just stream the high bits to me, but for now, knowing that the download is there, is good enough for me.


    Thanks again,

    -- @ScottCate

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    Scott - Yeah, the high res version is much better. It's a good point. The download button is not as prominent as it could be ... and this is not the first time that statement has been made Smiley



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    I'm still in a backwater and my broadband speeds suck, so I always download the Hi-Def overnight (using Free Download Manager).


    BTW Did you guys get around to putting a full descriptive title into the file metatdata?  (This really helps when I return to my downloads after a week or so and have forgotten the gist of the thing!).

  • User profile image

    I guess we could call the button "understated" or very "Minimal impact" to be polite....  Smiley

    almost unnoticable ...

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