Silverlight TV 40: You Are Already a Windows Phone Developer

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It has been said that if you know Silverlight then you are already a Windows Phone 7 developer. Jesse Liberty joins John Papa this week to explore that statement and demonstrate the side-by-side creation of both a Silverlight application and a Windows Phone application.

Watch as Jesse cracks open Visual Studio 2010 and creates two similar applications: one for Silverlight and one for Windows Phone 7. He does this all from scratch so you get to see every step along the way.

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The Discussion

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    Perhaps this is Microsoft's secret sauce. Theoretically, creating a phone application means you just created an application that can run on Windows and Mac.


    I for one wouldn't mind having metro inspired IM cilents and twitter clients that are the same on both the mobile platform and the desktop world!

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    I would like to see the Panaroma and Pivot controls made available for regular Silverlight apps, as well.  Anyone know if these controls will be added to SL SDK or Toolkit?  These would go great as tables/slates become more popular.

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    Stefan Wick
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    Thanks for reply.  I read this the other day.  Good post for these controls.  I was talking about that it would be nice to see the Panorama and Pivot controls to be added to the regular SDK or Toolkit ( not just the Phone ).

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    Hey Now John,


    Great Vid!


    Thx 4 the info,


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    Actually  my  intent was not to suggest that writing for the phone is the same as writing for the PC; they are very different platforms (see, for example, my discussion of TransMedia). I was only demonstrating that many of the coding skills you have as a Silverlight programmer will carry over, making the learning curve a good bit flatter.  Some programs will no doubt work well virtually as is on both platforms, but as more than one person has noted, size matters, and a phone ain't a computer Smiley

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    At this point, there are tons of "getting started" videos, but none, that guides to complete app or anything remotely as advanced. Would really be interested if you guys publish bit more "advanced" videos, atleast intermediate level videos.

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