Silverlight TV 43: Applying Animations and States to Your Application

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On this episode, John Stockton demonstrates how to create animations for Silverlight using Storyboards in Expression Blend. He explores the roles that the storyboards, visual states, behaviors, keyframes, transforms, and easings play in animations. This is a great demonstration of how to add a realistic and natural feel to animations. 

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The Discussion

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    Great point that when you hide and object by using transparency animation you may want  also to hide it completely by setting Visibility property to False.

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    Good video.  For Opacity vs Visibility, I thought the new Fluid Transitions fixed this.  Meaning, I could turn the Fluid option on for the state and use Visibility ( Visible <-> Hidden/Collapsed ) instead of Opacity ( 100% <-> 0% ).  Are there scenarios when to use each? 

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    icube - When you create your state, go to the timeline window and set the visibility of the object to collapsed at (or near) the beginning of the timeline. You can spread out the duration of the state transitions on the timeline as needed. I think John Stockton shows this in the middle of his video just using Storyboards instead. But it works for visual states too so you can stagger when animations occur.

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    At some point (22mins 45secs) there was a mention that a friend of yours was doing/had done a book on Blend Animations   -what is the name and author of the book  ? 





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    norsten, Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation, Jeff Paries. Still valid for SL4, Friends of ED (Apress) publishers,

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    Fantastic, Thanks!

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