Silverlight TV 48: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 1

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The Discussion

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    Bill Campbell

    I really enjoyed this first in a series of SketchFlow sessions on SilverlightTV. I am really looking forward to these and hope to learn some of the basic things we need to do to develop Line Of Business prototypes for our organization.
    One of the situations that we frequently find is the need to put a datagrid on our screens. Not may of our business apps don't have at least one (and usually many more) datagrids. If at all possible, It would be excellent if we could see how to use a datagrid on the prototype and to be able to click on a cell in the datagrid and set a State so that we can employ some behavior like opening a simple child window with data. Behaviors like this are not intuitive in the datagrid like they are in most of the other controls using drag and drop.
    Again - thanks for the great demos and really helpful tutorials here on Channel 9. I know my team really appreciates it and gets a lot from the demos!
    Bill Campbell (Bill44077)

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    How did she resize the board that fast to the proper dimensions of a WP7? Sorry, I am new and trying to learn as fast as I can.

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    Hmm maybe I should give Sketchflow a try instead of purchasing Balsamiq to do prototyping! Smiley Thanks for another good episode of SLTV!

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    of SLTV!

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    Dave M.

    @Verscienta: my guess is that she used CTRL-MouseWheel Up/Down.  I think she was just zooming out.

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    very hot T-shirt, Janete ^^
    like it !

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    Hi, I really enjoyed this first in a series of SketchFlow sessions on SilverlightTV

    Tank you so much

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