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Silverlight TV 49: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 2

29 minutes, 17 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Janete Perez rejoins Silverlight TV to complete her 2 part series on Sketchflow (you can watch Janete in Part 1 of her Sketchflow series here). up. This time Janete walks through the creation of a prototype that includes a workflow, navigation through the screens, interactive behaviors, and much more to create a social media application to share and communicate with her friends.

She covers several topics including these:

  • Creating a Sketchflow project for Windows Phone 7
  • Using behaviors
  • Creating navigation between screens
  • Creating a workflow 
  • Creating and using sample data 
  • Enabling user to provide feedback
  • Previewing transitions
  • Including visual states
  • Creating revisions of the prototype
  • Generating documentation

Relevant links:

Follow us on Twitter @SilverlightTV or on the web at http://silverlight.tv

Register now for the Silverlight Firestarter, Dec 2, 2010!



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  • codputercodputer Don't you know what a cod is?

    Do you have a link where we can download the Mockups that Janete used in the demonstartions? 


    p.s. Can you please get get Janete to use her mouse with her left hand? The camera never really got a good shot of it! Big Smile

  • shaggygishaggygi

    Where can we get the image for the phone chrome?  Also, I heard there was going to be an out-of-band release for SketchFlow WP7 project templates ( e.g. Pano, Pivot, etc. ).  Add my vote to hurry this release up.  Is there a date for when these will be released?  Hopefully PDC2010???
    @codputer.  I'm not sure the name of DLLs, but if you open the Mockup project in the Welcome Screen > Samples tab...  you can find the DLLs in the References and then add those to your own SketchFlow project.  After that, they should show up in the Assets tab.
    Thanks again and good video.

  • Bill CampbellBill Campbell

    Once again Janete is on mark. Great content! (He cried more, more more!).

  • JaneteJanete

    @Codputer: Here's a link that cover how to add the Mockup controls to your Expression Blend 4 project: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/expression/archive/2010/05/13/how-to-add-mockup-controls-to-your-expression-blend-library.aspx
    @shaggygi: Currently we don't have a set date for an out-of-band release for SketchFlow WP7 project template. Thanks for the feedback though! Here's a link to my blog where I provide the project solution and the chrome image: http://blog.sunnypixels.com/?p=344
    Cheers :)Janete

  • kyleigh hayeskyleigh hayes

    @codputer:i need help

  • Marc RousselMarc Roussel

    I have a very poor video quality and I see nothing either in windowed or full screenI have a very very huge high end system with a very very big bandwitdh but still don't see what the girl is showing clear enough

  • @Marc Roussel:Download the High Quality WMV Video.

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    Marc - The video we stream is the middle quality video. We also provide a high res version that you can download offline. Go to the upper right of the page and save the high quality WMV version and you should be good Smiley

  • Matt WeylandMatt Weyland

    Great content.  The images you used for mocking people are great. How can one get a hold of that list of peeps for use in mock ups?  

  • @Matt Weyland:

    You can get the project solution zip file from her link here.


    Once unzipped, you can find the images in the following folder.


  • Strange question maybe but where can we buy the shirt Janete is wearing?

    Great post though. Like it!

  • sedrsedr

     The images you used for mocking people are great.

  • John Papajopapa Evangelist on the Loose

    @flemishgael: The Microsoft company store sells the Sounders jerseys. You can also get them at local soccer shops or online.

  • , jopapa wrote

    @flemishgael: The Microsoft company store sells the Sounders jerseys. You can also get them at local soccer shops or online.

    Okay, local stores in Belfast don't have them but I will look for it online. Smiley

  • rhmrhm

    Wow, quite a few comments here from creepy guys. Never seen a woman in a professional context before? Why aren't the mods deleting them?

  • Beau G. PalmquistShimoakki Dream and Pursue

    Great tutorial.  Thanks John and Janete.  I look forward to future Expression Blend/Sketchflow tutorials.

  • Hi John and Janete,

    Great! demonstration,

    Thank you so much for nice tutorial. Angel



  • Here is a link on how to add those mockup controls from the sample in this video:


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