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John sits down with Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP at Microsoft, to discuss the state of Silverlight. Scott discusses the impact of Silverlight in applications including Windows Phone 7, the history of releases, and what his favorite features are with Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Scott talks about how Windows Phone and Silverlight together focus on optimizations such as using the GPU and using the off thread capabilities and he gives some advice for building applications with Silverlight and Windows Phone. You can catch more of Scott at PDC on Oct 28/29 and also at the keynote of the Silverlight Firestarter on Dec 2.

Also, let's all congratulate Scott and his family on the new addition to his family!

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The Discussion

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    The Gu!

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    Not sure if I'm looking into this too much, but I think I heard Gu say the Pivot and Pano controls for WP7 will eventually get rolled up to the client.... Around the 6:20 mark.  I hope so!!!

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    Ozzie, it's been a good run. Now let's welcome the new Chief Software Architect... Scott Guthrie. (please?)

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    Lucas Williams

    Now that I can get a beta 64-bit flash player from Adobe, can Microsoft comment on whether it intends on supporting its 64-bit browser customers with an update to Silverlight?

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    What is the wow factor of the mystery Silverlight session at PDC10?

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    @Ian2: uh ah! Sorry, can't reveal that just yet Smiley


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    Hoping we will see something that will allow us to target HTML5 with .NET/SL.

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    How about some details on the Silverlight version for Windows Embedded?
    I don't think I've heard any talks on this. I had to hear about it in a Motorola conference where unfortunately none of the speakers could give any details regarding the technology

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I noticed there was nothing discussed about WPF.  Any WPF news coming at PDC10?

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    @grnemo: You have a few questions here so let me try to answer them all.

    WP7 is certainly appearing to be at the forefront right now because of the releases. Devices jsut came out in some countries yesterday, as you know. Silverlight/RIA "not on WP7" is still very active. 

    WCF RIA Services is very active. I work with these guys a lot and have shot several SL TV episodes with them. Some of which have aired already, and others which are in the queue. Also, I worked with their team to craft the story for my PDC session too (Kung Fu Silverlight).

    Migrating WPF features to Silverlight is a common request and we are always looking at ways to do this.



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    , jopapa wrote

    Migrating WPF features to Silverlight is a common request and we are always looking at ways to do this.

    It's not so much WPF features as the fact that the APIs are inconsistent for no good reason whatsoever. Trouble is, 4 versions in now, that's a blister that Silverlight will have to live with for the rest of it's days.

    My wishes for Silverlight 5 are better typograhy support (at least let us position TextBlocks by their baseline instead of their bounding box and give us full font-metrics) and a 3D API (a proper 3D API, not the comedy one from WPF). Without those, Silverlight is less powerful that what the latest browsers can do without a plugin.

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    How about porting some silverlight features to WPF ? like raw av pipelines ?

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    the gu should really take over from ozzie, he has 1000x the awsomeness..

    i'd really like to see TPL on silverlight. that event driven async pattern is really no good..


    oh, what i really really really want for winphone is to be able to plug it it to my pc and hit deploy in visual studio and run my app on my phone without having to pay 99 bucks a year Smiley

    if you want apps, thats what needs to happen.. all the other tools for winphone are free, why not let people deploy their own apps as well? not beeing able to do that is a huge roadblock for people experimenting and going on to make real apps.. it is for me atleast Smiley

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    @jopapa why didn't you talk about LightSwitch? Many people say, that this new tool from Microsoft will revolutionize the development of LOB Apps in Silverlight and in general.

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    too much windows phone ...  sorry but i need to see it out and in the hands of users. i need to see some sales and adoption trends... 

    RIA / WPF  - we need the RIA for SIlverlight work on WPF, yes you can tlak to RIA from WPF but the way you have to do that SUCKS and you lose a lot of what makes it worth using.

    SL V.Next and LightSwitch - we need the SQL report viewer control *MAJOR*  the lack of that is huge for making good LOB apps. not all clients have office installed, and  SQLRS in HTML has rendering flaws with some layouts.

    Hoping that PDC next week will start to reveal a CTP / Beta of SIlverlight 5  ...  and that MS gets to port SL to the i* devices .....

    hate to say it but we have a number of business openings for apps on the i* stuff and no one asking for WIndows Mobile stuff.


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    Samboy LIms

    This is great! 

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    Don't get me wrong, Silverlight is great, however I miss not having the option of native access to Windows 7 phone hardware.  Hopefully we will see lower level access to the hardware via inline code or something similar in the future. All these high level framework and layers of abstraction really take away from what can be accomplished by pure low level access to the CPU and the GPU. 

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    Great video, very inspiring, especially around minute 8 regarding the Business Model of the 75%

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    WoW factor? It really is WoW factor...

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    @MarkoV:That was the dumbest announcement possible.
    Where are the tools to build those HTML 5 applications Microsoft?
    I bet everyone runs away from Silverlight in droves after this announcement.
    Probably not what Bob wanted for the launch of the Windows Phone 7 :(

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    There is no conflict between HTML5 and Silverlight. We do not expect Silverlight to replace HTML. But Silverlight is nice enough to build RIA application. 
     "The CIO/CTO Effect" is huge, likely beyond what Microsoft can understand, so what's Micrfosoft strategy on RIA application.
    Plus, WP7 is still a big unknown in market place, what if WP7 fails, then what happen to Silverlight ? even Steve Ballmer does not have 100% confidence if you watch his WP7 launch interviews as how much market share WP7 will gain. 
    Microsoft is lack of innovation as everyone says, because it has not own believe. often does good job to copy other and catch up staying the game, WP7 is another good example. only difference this time is nicely done, but too late. Microsoft has been trying to so hard to be respected, to be relevant after so many screw ups recent years. finally has something hold its own future like silverlight, as leading technology for RIA application, now shifted ? 
    Often time, it is about your believe, Apple has own believe, so does Google. what's your believe, Microsoft ? not even believe in yourself anymore ?

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    Shows how much Scott Gu knows.  You guys really need to stop selling lies to the developer public.
    Thanks for boning all those developers and companies that have invested in Silverlight for client/web applications.
    I'll be switch to Flex/Adobe AIR for my next rich internet application - at least Adobe are consistent in terms of what they say and what they do.

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    Wow I hope Silverlight doesn't end up being another dead technology... it's had such a great start and the programming IDE is ideal for developers. I cannot believe they would even hint that it might no longer be a focus for RIA/web apps... that's really DUMB.

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    Silverlight dead?  Come on guys, I finally invested great amount of time and you had to ruin my party for me and you...

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    Microsoft should make the situation clear, and don't let their internal power struggles flood the developer community with uncertainty. We need to know, what is the situation with Silverlight, What is the long term roadmap for Windows Application development and for the web. Please MS, make it clear! 

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    I agree with the above comments. Microsoft HAS to provide us with a clear picture regarding HTML5, Silverlight, and their co-existance or lack thereof. What is the roadmap for Silverlight in the future?

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    Kevin Daly

    Oct 21, 2010 at 12:30 PM
    Ozzie, it's been a good run. Now let's welcome the new Chief Software Architect... Scott Guthrie. (please?)
    It won't happen (there's not going to be one), but I agree. The only exec with the necessary vision and credibility with developers.

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