Silverlight TV 53: T Minus 2 Weeks to the Silverlight Firestarter

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Only two weeks remain until the Silverlight Firestarter.

In this video, John and Scott Guthrie discuss the upcoming Silverlight Firestarter and what the folks watching it online and in person should expect to see and hear. The event kicks off with a keynote presented by Scott and the session agenda takes the audience on journey, showing how to develop business applications in Silverlight.

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The Discussion

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    Any word on Silverlight TV ?

    I mean, Silverlight running on the TV, the big screen in the house? It could complete the "3 screens and the cloud" vision Microsoft has right now.

    Silverlight running on the XBox would really strike agains Google TV apps. Don't be last with apps for the TV, be first!



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    @CKurt definite bump on that.. using the xbox as a base for silverlight on the TV makes so much sense, you'd instantly get a large install base, no need for people to get yet another box, and the value for xbox would be so much higher.. i really really hope microsoft doesnt let this one slip by


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    I really looking forward to this event. I'm glad that I registered to attend in person.

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    Somewhere an Apress exec is really happy and a Wrox exec (who actually hired MS employees to write their books) is super p#ssed.

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    Cannot download the high quality mp4 file. Everything else is working fine

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    HUGE +1 to Silverlight apps on XBOX!
    lol re wrox/Apress. I noticed that too. :)

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    SL is Still aLive! hurray!! Thanks for the free telerik controls. Bob..

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    My take: make a next gen x box that has the following:

    1 Blue Ray drive
    2 Cable card slots
    3  SIlverlight runtime
    4 the rest of the stuff the 360 has but updated with new hardware specs.
    5 support 3d - i am not really looking for 3d but i see that more as "keeping up" with whats beeing marketed now.

    BOOM! there ya go!  the consumer does not need to buy a blue ray player and does not have to get a cable box  for tv just plug in a cable card and hookup the hdmi ports and you are good to go.

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    @CKurt: +1 on expanding Silverlight to TV.  At least a more formal way of doing that.  Today you can build Silverlight apps targetting Media Center.  I'd like to see a shared app store between Media Center, XBox and perhaps other devices.  It would be interesting to know if anything came of that partnership with Intel and Broadcom to get Silverlight on their SOC solutions.

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    Our company invested heavily in Silverlight and in Microsoft, building our site in Silverlight 4 - It looks great, has great content but we miss 50% of the browsers because many refuse to install the plug in. Is it worth the pain? no, it does not. On top of that, during the last year, we got the iPad Apple guided bomb and, recently, the Muglia guided bomb, HTML 5. Enough is enough for us. Silverlight as a web technology is dead unless a dramatic shift in MS strategy is evident (e.g. MS purchase of Adobe or bundling Silverlight with Windows). We hope that the next Firestarter will ignite that.

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    Channel9,I like it    :-)

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    re: Lee
    >>> we miss 50% of the browsers because many refuse to install the plug in.
    I would never, ever dare produce/develop/invest resources in a public-facing website in Silverlight.  It's OK to use Silverlight for intranet/extranet websites.  

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    Re footbar >>>   I would never, ever dare produce/develop/invest resources in a public-facing website in Silverlight.
    Yep, we know that now but in 2009 we thought SL has a future as a web technology. As Muglia said  'our strategy has shifted'. So did ours.

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