Silverlight TV 59: What Goes Into Baking Silverlight?

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Ever wonder what goes into making Silverlight? This week on Silverlight TV, we go behind the scenes with some folks who are responsible for testing and getting the Silverlight bits out to the public. Andy Rivas, Program Manager on Silverlight, shares what he does and how the bits get "baked" and into your hands. He also discusses the various ways you can provide feedback (bugs, requests, questions, etc). Other topics Andy discusses include:

  • What is the testing process like?
  • What's a GDR?
  • How to leave feedback on a specific release
  • How to vote for new features and suggestions
  • Ask questions on the forums

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The Discussion

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    The audio stutters when playing fullscreen, no matter the browser.

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    It is impossible to view almost any of the videos on Channel 9.  They always stop and start and finally just quit.  Either make more servers available or increase the bandwidth.  Everyone I talk to says the videos on this site are virtually impossible to view.  What good is it to put out videos if no one can watch them!  Please address this issue!


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    Good Video, I watched very well in my browser!!

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    Haven't had a problem with any videos from Channel 9, fullscreen or not :-)
    Portland Oregon here, if that makes a difference for your caching.

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    The streaming speeds in browser are significantly slower and therefore result in a VERY poor viewing quality since the changes were made to this site.

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    One request for Silverlight 5. The devs should try making apps with Microsoft's Segoe font family. We use them for a lot of Silverlight apps we make for Microsoft themselves and I'm about to stop since the font rendering is so awful.

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    For the folks experiencing video playback issues, three things:

    1) Sorry! Smiley
    2) How are you viewing the content (Silverlight, Windows Media Player, [add compatible media player here] or HTML5?
    3) Which OS, web browser (and versions) are you using?


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    Watched it just fine! No streaming issues (FF + Silverlight)

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    @Harlequin:I'll pass this on to our text feature team

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    Works fine for me and I'm in Europe. Sounds like a user problem.

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    Connect @ is the place where good ideas go to die Smiley

    Uservoice was a better option for the team imho 

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