Silverlight TV 62: The Silverlight 5 Triad Unplugged

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In this episode, the Silverlight 5 Triad joins John on Silverlight TV to discuss their Silverlight 5 roles, some ways they receive feedback from customers, how they interact with each other, and to talk about some of their favorite features in the next release. Sam George (Development Manager), Larry Olson (Program Manager), and Vijay Devatha (Test Lead) share how the triad works together and how the structure of the team empowers everyone from top to bottom. This is a really insightful look at the leaders of the Silverlight engineering team unplugged.

And if you are looking to join the team, Vijay mentions that they are hiring Smiley

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The Discussion

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    Clinton Gallagher ​virtual​Cable.TV

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    Clinton Gallagher ​virtual​Cable.TV

    I had a microsoft moment and meant to type search: samurai hair styles

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    3D. Moving really slow, will show you realy good on speed video. I enjoyed the life-debugging Vijay has got (5:15) with different focuses. Apart from joking, good luck with next release. Give me 5 :).

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    They almost let the cat out of the bag with the MIX anniuncement of Android support.

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