Silverlight TV 64: Dive into 64bit Support, App Model and Security

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In this episode, Nick Kramer of the Silverlight team joins John on Silverlight TV to discuss the application model, 64bit support, and security features with Silverlight. Nick dives into some of his favorite features, such as multiple windows, and discusses what each of his team's areas focuses on. He also shares how his team helped created some whitepapers that share tips on how to create secure applications.

If you are going to be at MIX11 this year, be sure to say hi to Nick—he'll be there!

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The Discussion

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    Ben Hayat

    But, what does 64-bit SL mean to the end-user? Is it that we can load bigger XAPs or is it that the XAP gets loaded faster or is it that the code runs faster or what?


    And here is the link to the security whitepaper:




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    wow, Silverlight TV 64 on Silverlight 64 !

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    @felix9: Thanks Felix for catching that subtle pun Smiley

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    Nick Kramer

    For Silverlight, the main benefit of 64-bit is being able to run inside 64-bit browsers and other 64-bit hosts such as the Windows Sidebar.  Note that you can have a 64-bit OS and still run 32-bit apps, and in fact 32-bit IE is the default on 64-bit Windows 7, but we think 64-bit browsers will become increasingly popular.
    64bit also allows you to take advantage of more memory, so you can have a process that's greater than 2GB.

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    Ben Hayat

    Thanks Nick; Ever since the news of SL5 came out, I've heard many [sort of] end users, ask what would be the benefit of running the IE64 and SL5? The memory was one of the things that I had brought up, but wasn't sure with app would run faster and/or load time would also become faster too.

    Infact once I saw WinForm 64-bit version that ran slower than a 32-bit version and the developer told me, there is a lot more prcessing time involved with managing much larger memory that they were allocating and using.


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    Jason Callison


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