Silverlight TV 67: Bill Buxton Talks about Speed Dating at MIX11

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Recently, UX legend Bill Buxton was in town and stopped by to share what he's been up to. In this video, he discusses how integrated devices with things that "just work together," UX, and touch might all be in our lives to a much larger degree in the near future. This is a short conversation with Bill where he touches on his thoughts about the next version of Surface, UX, and the new UX Lightning series at MIX11, which he compares to "speed dating." Bill also drops an interesting nugget—he's used nothing but slates/tablets since Nov 2002, and he even wrote his popular book on a tablet!

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The Discussion

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    I love what your saying about working on the overall architure for devices.

    In my house I have xbox, phone7, win7, DNLA enabled TV's etc and they all talk to each other, but it not seemless, it's painful, the TV plays some video formats while the xbox plays another set etc.

    Would be so nice to get to a point where you don't have to think, this video is in WMV so I'll watch that on the XBox, but this one is MKV, so I need to use the TV to stream that etc.

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    Ben Hayat

    "MIX has a good mix"!!! Loved this line!

    Looking good John, full of energy!

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    Will he be at Mix 11 at all? Keynote, etc...

    Edit: Watching the video I see not =(

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