Silverlight TV 69: UX and Perceived Performance of WP7 Apps

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In this video, Jobi Joy, UX Architect with IdentityMine, joins John to discuss some of the lessons his company learned while contributing to the very popular and successful IMDB and Twitter Windows Phone applications. Jobi covers a wide array of topics, including the design and the UX of the IMDB application as well as what "perceived performance" means, and he dives into the framework he put together for panorama controls.

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The Discussion

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    Wiep Corbier

    Lately, you talk to much on SL-tv. I would like to see stuff like in the older episodes.

    Talk is for radio.

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    Why is the audio so quiet? And I agree with the previous post - talk, talk talk. Channel9 used to have such concise, programmer-oriented content, now it seems to be marketing material.

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    Here is the blog describing the same

    WP7Dev Tip 1– Optimizing the app by reusing already created visuals

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    Kang Su

    First, I really liked the work in that page and the idea of the content stream.

    My question to Microsoft is why isn't the panel caching just a part of the framework? The phone knows what panel is current and what's on the backstack. At the very least (and maybe all you can realistically do) the framework should say, "Oh, there's a bitmap on the backstack -- lets compress it." And maybe you don't do it when its one level back in the backstack, but rather wait until its n-levels back.

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    Very good point @Kang, and that was my first thought before cooking my own solution to this problem. It could have been more effective if this kind of 'platform specific' issues gets solved in the SDK itself.  But again since it is mobile app, we dont deal with huge number of pages and navigation( IMDb is kind of expection it had 45 different pages and 100s of level deep it can get navigated from the home)

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    @Kang - I agree, my first thought was that this is a shortcoming of the phone's backstacking design - devs shouldn't really be performing clever acrobatics to avoid this.

    Definately one for MS - the stack should be JIT virtualised. Still, this SLTV episode was really valuable for this point alone.

    As for chat (Wiep) - I guess the show format has to strike the right balance between cold presentation and affable TV show.

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