Silverlight TV 7: When and Where to use MEF

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Glenn Block, Program Manager working on MEF and self professed "MEF Maniac,” makes his first visit to Silverlight TV. Glenn and John set aside the code for this episode, taking a step back to discuss and explain some of the top scenarios where using MEF adds value. If you are considering using MEF and want to know where and when it makes sense, this is an ideal episode for you to watch.

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The Discussion

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    Ben Hayat

    I love the way Glenn explains things, and then to top it with John's clear direction, it's just a great TV show Smiley


    I'd like to get a bit more explanation about MEF in partitioning multiple Projects v.s. multiple XAPs. You guys went over that a bit too quick and deserves a better break down;


    Thank you guys!


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    Glenn - as always great stuff Smiley whatiting for the next episode!

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    I really dig the whole 'stable composition' aspect of MEF, along with the command line static analysis that it enables - esp. when there's a lot of fine grained composition. To paraphrase Don Box: "MEF is Love".

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    That is the first programming video I've ever managed to sit all the way through!  Thanks chaps.

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    Dan Martin

    I agree with Ben, great video. I look forward to future episodes.

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    Funny how Glenn Block made it clear he "inerited" CAB.  LOL.  He must know how Obama feels right now.  Hopefully Obama pulls out a "Prism" this year.  Anyways, good job turning that CAB around into Prism, Glenn.  I'll never forgive the PnP team for CAB.  LOL.

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    I feel the answer to switching to large Silverlight applications is to use a .aspx(Ajax)/Silverlight hybrid.  Change a aspx form to Silverlight one at a time. The problem I have is with sharing the authentication system. I'd like to login with the built-in .aspx membership system and have Silverlight 'know' that I'm logged-in and use that information when I call the web services.


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    This is the 4th video i watch ! John you do a really good job, you make things easy to understand Smiley


    I really love this show and gonna watch them all this week !


    Glenn is awesome too ! Love his work and the way he talks about mef (his girl should wish that he talks about her with the same passion Tongue Out)


    A good point too : the video is easy to understand even if you are not english ^^


    Thank you so much !

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