Silverlight TV 7: When and Where to use MEF

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    Ben Hayat

    I love the way Glenn explains things, and then to top it with John's clear direction, it's just a great TV show Smiley


    I'd like to get a bit more explanation about MEF in partitioning multiple Projects v.s. multiple XAPs. You guys went over that a bit too quick and deserves a better break down;


    Thank you guys!


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    Glenn - as always great stuff Smiley whatiting for the next episode!

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    I really dig the whole 'stable composition' aspect of MEF, along with the command line static analysis that it enables - esp. when there's a lot of fine grained composition. To paraphrase Don Box: "MEF is Love".

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    That is the first programming video I've ever managed to sit all the way through!  Thanks chaps.

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    Dan Martin

    I agree with Ben, great video. I look forward to future episodes.

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    Funny how Glenn Block made it clear he "inerited" CAB.  LOL.  He must know how Obama feels right now.  Hopefully Obama pulls out a "Prism" this year.  Anyways, good job turning that CAB around into Prism, Glenn.  I'll never forgive the PnP team for CAB.  LOL.

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    I feel the answer to switching to large Silverlight applications is to use a .aspx(Ajax)/Silverlight hybrid.  Change a aspx form to Silverlight one at a time. The problem I have is with sharing the authentication system. I'd like to login with the built-in .aspx membership system and have Silverlight 'know' that I'm logged-in and use that information when I call the web services.


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    This is the 4th video i watch ! John you do a really good job, you make things easy to understand Smiley


    I really love this show and gonna watch them all this week !


    Glenn is awesome too ! Love his work and the way he talks about mef (his girl should wish that he talks about her with the same passion Tongue Out)


    A good point too : the video is easy to understand even if you are not english ^^


    Thank you so much !

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