Silverlight TV 72: Windows Phone Tips for Optimizing Image Quality

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    Any chance we could get the source code for the project shown in this video? It would be great to see how he's handling the downloaded images on the background thread, which was not shown in this talk. Thanks!!

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    I agree with Jason, this is a great concept but there is nothing showing how this works -- the code would be great to help explain how this all works.

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    Diito from me.  The code shown in the video stopped short of the implementation (good XAML view) but the view model extensions were not displayed.

    Code is good Big Smile

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    Hey thanks for your interest,  Please have the source code here which shows all the concepts I am talking here. Have fun with Wp7 coding.



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    Jason/Chris/Darkside ... I added the link to the Jobi's source code to this post too.


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    Maddus Mattus


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    trial version give 60 days to used

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    Guidelines on optimizing performance of ListBox (for seemless, silky smooth scrolling) is arguably THE most discussed topic on the WP7 development ground nowadays. So it's great to see an episode of Silverlight TV about it.
    However, I can't help but think it felt short of showing much content other than good ideas for optimization. Although the material available for download does help a lot (thanks), I think the topic still needs a bit more coverage (hopefully in another coming episode).
    Here's an interesting post by Andreas Hammar about some possible scenarios for smart ListBox population complete details on implementation and execution time:


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    need to try this channel 9,after will reply aand suppoty..

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