Silverlight TV 73: What's New in MVVM Light

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The Discussion

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    Atif Shahzad

    New wow new, i dont understand why you do not provides the templates for vb what is the core reason behind it is there any future plan..........................

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    Templates and snippets for VB will be included in V4.

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    Laurent - what's funny is never use your templates Smiley I guess I like it the hard way.

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    For a moment I was like "Wow! They're already talking about MIX 12" Smiley

    Thanks for the ep and looking forward to MVVM Light v4...


    However, I was wondering:

    1. When can we expect v4 to drop?
    2. Would you recommend relying on the Messenger as a means of handling view-specific tasks, or would you rather go with services injection?
    3. And last but not least, how is like to turn 40? Smiley 
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    Thank you guys. Keep it up!!!

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    Vraiment super Laurent!

    Thank's and keep on your good work with MVVMLight
    it's  deeply appreciated.

    BTW... Have I eard it right? New book... Hmmmm... that sure sounds interesting...


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    Nice tool. Thanks guys.

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