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Silverlight TV 74: What's New in RIA Services

26 minutes, 41 seconds


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In this episode, Deepesh Mohnani of the WCF RIA Services team discusses all of the new features introduced since the initial RIA Services release. These include expanded localization support, improved MVVM support, Windows Azure table storage, datetimeoffset, operation tag, jQuery client, and more. Deepesh dives deep into how to use custom code generation, complex types, and shared entities. He also hints at possible EF Code First support in the near future.

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  • Pity you guys didn't release this POCO stuff last month.  You could have saved me a large workaround. Never mind.  Still, this is very handy.  I need to come back to this.  Glad to see the constant stream of improvements comming out.

    Could you say a little about serialization and the efficiency of using POCO over RIA Services?  What's going on in terms of the TCP/IP packets?  I like the features (security, attributes, validation), but would like to get a feel for what the trade-offs are.

    The comparison is slightly unfair, but lets say we used custom .ashx handlers instead.  What is the overhead assuming we use the same serialization method underneath?

  • MarkMark

    Odd. This doesn't play for me in FF 4 or IE 8. I've watched these videos before.

  • billbill

    This video seems to work for me only in mid quality

  • It's video quality is not much good as they said.


  • I am badly waiting for RIA support on 4.1 model-first (LinqToEntitiesDomainContext<TContext> where TContext : DbContext - is's not supported yet).

    Also, you shouldn't have to decorate your POCOs with the nasty Key attributes, the goal is to have generated POCOs that RIA processes and decorates automatically for the client (perhaps via DomainDescriptionProvider).

    Anther thing I couldn't come along is how to share interface implementations over the wire, please vote for it.

    My wet dream is model-first only, and this should generate database (should have more options), server entities, auto-decorated client DTOs that implement interfaces generated from POCOs (undecorated at all) + full MVVM support (i.e. relaxed while very extesible data manipulation controls for the VMs that can be (or not) exposed to the Views)

  • FabioFabio

    The Silverlight video's quality is a shame!
    Please get it better!

  • The T4 process as described in this video doesn't work. Have some settings or extra steps been glossed over? Is there somewhere I can find a more comprehensive example?

  • @daveoggy - Here is a more detailed example http://varunpuranik.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/t4-code-generator-extensibility/

  • Thanks Deepesh. The detailed example was written in December 2010 so I assume against the older toolkit? Has anything changed since then in the April release?

    Edit: To answer my own question it seems that the <RiaClientCodeGeneratorName> tag in the project file is no longer required.

    It also looks like the step missing from the video above is the creation of this class:

        [DomainServiceClientCodeGenerator("MyCustomGenerator", "C#")]
        class MyCSharpClientCodeGenerator : CSharpClientCodeGenerator
            protected override DomainContextGenerator DomainContextGenerator
                    return new MyDomainContextGenerator();

    Was this just forgotten or is this requirement also supposed to have been removed?

  • LoriLori

    Hi Deepesh,
    Loved this demo but tough to see the code. Do you have the code to download so we can open it and follow along better?

  • @Lori - i will clean up the code and put it up in a different location. Are you looking for a particular sample? Maybe i could send that to you earlier.

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