Silverlight TV 75: Quick and Dirty UX Testing (Design Tips Mini Series)

Play Silverlight TV 75: Quick and Dirty UX Testing (Design Tips Mini Series)

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    Great video. Can you do one about how to UX Test HTML5+Javascript? You might add a memorial to all of those WP7 Silverlight apps at the end of the video. Thanks. Smiley

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    Andrew Khmylov

    Nice session, got some really useful tips!

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    I am glad to see that there are people in Microsoft who think Metro UI is ... bad.

    It is blocky, too busy, and colors are dull. I showed my WP7 to many non tech people and nobody liked it Sad

    They didn't like how it is organize, they didn't like bad colors, they didn't like super small navigation buttons, they didn't touch hardware buttons on the bottom, because it is too easy to touch them and you are out of the app.The same with Windows 8.

    Hooray for Microsoft, hopefully Metro is going to be revamp for the good.

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    Very nice, keep it up!

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    Susan Todd

    I hope this video was helpful for everyone!

    @DeathByVisualStudio - These techniques can be used for any language. I recently did a Heuristic Evaluation for Visual Studio that included 180 screens!

    @ivan_ - I actually wasn't trying to dis on the Metro theme. The point I was trying to get across was this. The original prototype was trying to use consistent patterns from the Windows Phone UI guidelines. However, we weren't actually using them correctly. So the behavior was not consistent to other app bars on other apps. So, consistency is more complex than just visuals, it has to do with behaviors as well. It was the wrong paradigm for us to use and we realized that and changed it.

    I posted the basic tips from the video on my blog so you don't have to take notes! :)

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    Excellent video, especially for developers like myself who are UX challenged.

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