Silverlight TV 76: Animations on Windows Phone in the Bird Hunt Game

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Interested in creating a game for Windows Phone using Silverlight? In this episode, Jeff Paries, Silverlight MVP and author of the book Silverlight Animation, walks through the source for his Bird Hunt game for Windows Phone 7. He offers tips on how to create a game concept and keep your scope manageable while effectively dividing the game aspects into manageable pieces. Jeff covers the game concept, the six objects in the game, the game loop, and the animates/visual states. You can download Bird Hunt now from the Windows Phone marketplace.

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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Anybody else having these Ch 9 videos hang up lately? I get LONG pauses of "buffering"...

    ALSO, the controls don't work right with FF 4.0.1.

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    @Mark: We are getting more reports of buffering than normal, but what issues are you seeing with FF 4.0.1? I'm running it right now and the video controls see to function as expected...


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    @Duncanma: Controls works as long as player is not buffering. When it is buffereing none of the controls work in neither IE9 nor FF4. What's worse, there seem to be some bug in the player code that after a number of clicks on various buttons player just hangs and the only resolution is to close and restart the browser (at least that's true for IE9).

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    Rick Hodder

    I have been experiencing this same issue for several weeks. I'm using IE9, but I've also tried FireFox and get the same issue.

    Once it hits buffering, it just hangs forever

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    Rick Hodder

    I also find that it seems to happen when I go full screen, and then click on another window (if that helps)

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    F P

    Yeah, Bout FF4 i had the same issue with the controls not working. and not just on this site. i want back to FF 3.6.17 and everything is working fine.

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    some how the color is green now

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