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    Simon Ferquel

    Nice talk guys !

    About the Babylon toolkit, there is another project, built by the same guys (and that has good interop scenario with babylon) that allows to use the Xna content pipeline to export models to SL5 beta :

    For example, you can export an FBX model with bones, skinning data and animations, and load it an use it in a Silverlight scene.

    Hope it can help !

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    Yeay, looks as though my XNA 3D skills, will be useful in Silverlight 5 and rich web apps.
    I don't believe w can do that in HTML 5/ JS, unless someone proves me wrong.

    We just need SL5, 3D on the WP7. I guess that is sort of what the Mango SL/XNA Interoperability gives us.

    NB I do my modelling in Google Sketchup, and a third party .X exporter for use in XNA. (Blender is much too big for novices to get into) so reading models from Google Sketchup compatible formats would be a real boost. I would hope we can still use .X models in SL5.

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    A Question for you guys  I could not find the answer to anywhere. What about the Mac port of the 3D API? Is it in the schedule? 

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    Hi John. I'm still having severe rendering problems to a degree where the 3D part of the screen is completely distorted and the application unusable, for example with the House Builder sample. This happens on several machines, with different video hardware, different versions of (WHQL certified) drivers and in different browsers.

    If I can help with analyzing this problem or provide additional data, let me know and/or feel free to contact me.


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    After some more investigation and debugging I finally found the problem. I've posted a description and the fix here:


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    more skin

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    Doug Mair

    During the video you talked about helpers for projections between 2D and 3d. Where are those located?

    I'm looking for things like:
    1) Which 3d triangle was clicked?
    2) Pinch to Zoom type Gesture processing for 3d objects.

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