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Ever bang your head against a wall trying to figure out what's wrong with your data binding XAML? If so, then you will love the new data binding debugging features in Silverlight 5. In this episode of Silverlight TV, Jason Shaver joins John to discuss the data binding debugging features in Silverlight 5. They walk through how it works, the information that is exposed to you, and how to set various conditional breakpoints as well.

  • Setting breakpoints on binding expressions
  • Creating conditional breakpoints to break when errors occur
  • Setting breakpoints when objects are null

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The Discussion

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    data binding debugging...... it is needed right NOW.

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    When is data binding debugging coming to WPF?  This would be great as we do everything at my company in WPF.

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    Hell, it's about time!

    Great Stuff, love Silverlight for Business & Windows Phone Development.

    What about Expression Blend features in VS?

    2 Licenses are a bit disapointing

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    @deadlydog: No announcements for data binding debugging and WPF at this time. Sorry.

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    Excellent video. I tried this for about 30 minutes before I realized that the F9 as a breakpoint feature is only available in the Silverlight 5 tools.

    After reading up more on it (maybe this was announced during the video and I missed it, if so sorry) but you can debug Silverlight 4 applications without changing the Target Silverlight Version to 5 in the application properties.

    I am installing the tools and SDK and what not now and hope to be able to comment on the success of using them pretty soon!

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    Hi, "Data Bug Debinding" is the greatest feature ever in the SL5 beta Wink

    Great show, by the way, John. I'm very excited about Silverlight, and actuallay I've recently gotten my first certification which was in Silverlight 4 development Big Smile.

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    ,jopapa wrote

    @deadlydog: No announcements for data binding debugging and WPF at this time. Sorry.

    I thought is was "for ever and ever" and not "at this time". Isn't WPF deprocated for desktop Silverlight and/or HTML5/JS in the future? It's too bad I wasted a my customer's money on WPF.

    Breakpoints in Silverlight is pretty awesome stuff though.

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    Can we have the sample to play with?

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    Thundar Viking

    Is it not possible to set a breakpoint in the binding statements of the XAML code for a WPF application? There is a lot of complex scenarios where this would be helpful. I usually use Snoop or look at the Output window to understand why data binding fails in my LOB apps....

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    Jason R Shaver

    Chanmm, you can do it right now with any Silverlight application if you install the Silverlight 5 Beta =)

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    can you use two tables query into one datagrid face ?

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