Templating Controls with Silverlight (Silverlight TV #36)

Play Templating Controls with Silverlight (Silverlight TV #36)
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    Good video!


    One question: The top control was still a ListBox, but why did you just not use a WrapPanel as top item ? Then you did not have to replace the StackPanel with a WrapPanel.


    It's hard to get the different templates if nobody ever told you, and even then it's still kind of hard and you still sometimes select the wrong one. (i do)

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    The video is not really clear. But the presentation is really useful.


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    nice in/outro:)

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    Why so sad John? Adam is still your friend, isn't he?

    Nice video.

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    Yes, it was our poor attempt at geek humor Smiley wrapped around a solid topic.



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    Hey Now Silverlight TV #36,


    Great Vid!


    Thx 4 the info,


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    There is a ton you can do with the listbox and the data/item template is key. I used JP's swivel behavior in this demo ...



    you can see that i've used the data template in multiple ways... just flip the UI to see a custom data template drag and drop example.


    It's great for designers like myself.

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    Nice to see you using my swivel behavior. That's a nice sample of nested swivels ... and of a "tab" control too Smiley


    Yes, templates are very nice.

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    Hello its really nice video. Can u provide the sample code for it.Bcos i have the similar requirement for my project Need help for this image as i new to silverlight. i have done this similar kind in wpf using the listview. but i dint find the list view concept in silverlight. i have tried thru the listbox but i am not getting exact idea to show in similar kind of design. please help me in this regard. please check this link for the image http://twitpic.com/2fjp0b



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