Silverlight TV

Go behind the scenes at Microsoft with John Papa and learn what the Silverlight product team is dreaming up next. See exclusive interviews with the Silverlight product team, watch how community leaders are using Silverlight to solve real problems, and keep up with the latest happenings with Silverlight. Catch the inside scoop on Silverlight with Silverlight TV every Thursday at 9am PT! Follow us on Twitter @SilverlightTV where you can send us questions and requests for future shows.

  • Silverlight TV 63: Exploring National Instruments' App Using Data and Business Features
    15 minutes, 50 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 62: The Silverlight 5 Triad Unplugged
    11 minutes, 47 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 61: Expert Chat on Deep Zoom, Touch, and Windows Phone
    17 minutes, 48 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 60: Checking Out the Zero Gravity Game, Now on Windows Phone 7
    9 minutes, 20 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 59: What Goes Into Baking Silverlight?
    16 minutes, 14 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 58: Windows Phone Design Tips With Corrina
    16 minutes, 10 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 57: Performance Tuning Your Apps
    27 minutes, 14 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 56: WCF RIA Services and Azure
    23 minutes, 51 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 55: 1000 Silverlight Cream Posts and Counting!
    6 minutes, 19 seconds
  • Silverlight TV 54: New Silverlight Training Series
    7 minutes, 36 seconds