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    Bruce LaFramboise AInstIB

    Congrats on your success with CEEK VR Mary. It took a little time, but never a doubt in my mind that you would succeed... again!

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    It was an excellent interview. Congrats on your success!

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    Why telling that you have been founded by your costumer ? Why not talking about the CEEK VR token you created ? A token to rise money without delivering a thing on your so called roadmap that has not been updated since 2 years on ceek's website. We are a bunch of old supporters that has been scamed by ceek. They got 4M millions by selling us a 0,5$ token that's now valued at 0,001$. Yeayy ! since we can't add url here you can find the CEEK VR token on coinmarketcap.
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    Kris Allen Hoffman

    AGREED w/ above comment #Verbose....
    I have heard of this project & actually had no idea it was a blockchain project - even though vr is in its nascent stage with "goggles" lol, it's going to be huge but obviously you don't need a token? It seriously went from a nickel to .007?

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