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Stefan Is… an infinite scroll maaaaniac! (Episode 001)

8 minutes, 17 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

As this is Stefan’s first appearance on Channel 9, he explains a bit about what we’re going to do in this weekly series.  If you want to skip ahead and get to the demo-goodness, check out 2:40 for some infinite scrolling mega-action.

For some quick background info, check out Stefan’s explanation of what’s going to happen in his transition from Channel 8 to Channel 9.

And if you want to try it out for yourself, well then this one’s for you.


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  • rhmrhm
    You know that scrolling image search is actually pretty cool. I can see why you'd want to publicise stuff like that, even if it does actually turn Channel 9 into the blatant marketting site some people (not me!) always thought it was.

    Still, it seems nobody cares about any search other than Google. It's not just that Google is the market leader - the others, including Microsoft Live Search, might as well not exist. I wonder what cool stuff Microsoft could come up with if it didn't dedicate so much resources to something as utterly futile as web search.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    This is not blatant marketing... If it were, it would be void of anything meaningful Smiley

    Welcome to Channel 9, Max! Smiley

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!
    Here's the deal... most of the time when I show off some of our useful features, my friends say "wow, that's awesome... why haven't I seen this??"

    So my goal was to bring some of this stuff to light and hope you all get something out of it.  I'm not telling you to use Live over Google.  I'll be the first to admit that even though live.com is my homepage (I like the pretty pictures), I often still use Google's search instead.  And I'm an avid gmail user.

    However, I stand by Live Maps trumping Google's Maps with their birdseye view for instance.  And as an added bonus, you guys get to meet some of the people from the team working on these features (Stefan's involved in a lot over there, just not a dev).

    Finally, the cost of using one service or another is negligible... only the time it takes you to click and type.  So if you watched this and learned something new, then I'm happy with it.  If you never ever use it, I'm ok with that too... "marketers" aren't Wink.

    Keep the comments coming, and I'll keep reading and sharing with the right people.
  • Hmmm... first we get 2 videos from Tina now we get a video from Max. Interesting stuff is happening at C9.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Channel 9 is not changing. We're trying to expand the types of content we deliver. Have no fear. There is nothing going on wih Channel 9 that will take away from our core principles. We are experimenting with new content. This does NOT mean we are replacing what we know you love and have come to expect from us. That is for certain. My advice is to try and have an open mind and tell us when we are missing the mark. We're adults. We can take the criticism. This is where we go beyond the analogy of Channel 9 (listening in to the cockpit) in that you can actually help us fly the plane.

    We will listen and learn. Of that you can be sure. We always have.

    Keep on watching,

  • Stefan here - if I ever devolve into pure marketing speak, feel free to send me nasty grams.  stefanweitz or live_search on twitter.  Preferably, wrap the nasty grams in $20 bills so I can buy gadgets to make me less sad.
  • Hm, I do not see any infinite scroll...I see the "next" button.

  • Joshua RossJoshRoss Drinking Ovaltine since 2004
    Content aside, when you are watching a video and have a microphone on your talent, could the sound engineer please mix the channels?  I understand that there is some desire in someone's heart to get creative.  However, it is difficult to listen to on head phones.  This is especially true when the person that is speaking is on the left side of the screen and the voice is coming out of the right headphone.
  • Joshua RossJoshRoss Drinking Ovaltine since 2004
    Getting back to topic, hasn't this infinite scroll feature been out for a while, when measured in years?  Perhaps the best features are the ones that everyone uses and no one thinks about.  Best example, autocomplete in textboxes.  That was a huge win for the end user and suddenly all the win-devs and web-devs had to think about what to stick in their autocompletelistcollections.  The find similar feature is a game changer, it seems rather robust and will very likely enhance peoples ability to find things fast.  This is even more so with the combination of IS.
  • Hmm - what country are you in?  Or more precisely, what country does live.com think you're in?

  • Cool. I'd have liked to see how it works if there is millions/infinite amount of results as that usually makes scroll wheels unsuitable and standard scroll bar unusable. For this scenario a scroll slider (instead of wheel) similar to zoom controls ranging from say. -64 to +64 and resetting to 0 when released would be a nice to have. There are still common cases where scroll wheel is better. I like the Logitech VS Revolution mouse on paper for incorporating a zoom slider like that in addition to scroll wheel but I haven't got one so I can't tell if it's just a -1,0,+1 (eg. zoom in, do nothing, zoom out) or if it allows more control over the rate of the zoom/scroll action.

  • I actually like the new stuff, I think it's a good change.
  • @Trix.rox

    Some browsers such as Opera do not render the infinite scrolling correctly.  This is a browser issue, and not one with Live Search.  Internet Explorer 7+ works perfectly with Live Search, and IE8 takes advantage of the WebSlices in Live Search which is Really Cool!!!

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